Wednesday, December 16, 2009

False Impressions

I just wanted to point out that the countdown to baby #2 ticker on the side of our blog gives everyone a false impression of what baby is really doing at this point. The fact that the baby shown seems to be "floating" around with only 41 days left before they get evicted from Mom's womb is complete B.S. I can tell you that there is no way that my baby is floating around with all that extra room. In fact I feel baby jabbing away at my diaphragm and ribs all the way down to my hips and pelvis region. I feel the stretch everyday and I can see the baby from outside shifting around trying to make room and get comfy. Don't get tooo comfy Baby!!!....cuz you are getting the boot in 41 days! And friends, don't believe the image on the side of my's not that roomy in there right now!!

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Alex said...

Its criminal to post a blog with NO pictures Mae!!!