Friday, December 18, 2009

Growing a Baby Progress....

I hit 34 weeks this past week and I just feel exhausted. I have contractions that have a bite to them, but nothing to make me concern to call or head to the hospital. Nothing consistant or regular. Other then just feeling tired all the time, I truly feel great. I'm short of breath and slowing down. I feel aches and pains, especially if I've been on the floor playing with Brooklyn and try to stand up. That's when I am quickly reminded that I'm carting around an extra 20 some lbs. I'm cherishing all the extra moments of rest sleep and relaxation at the house. Baby appears to be head down, as per my last Dr. Appt and after he told me that we both looked down at my belly and said "stay that way!" I feel Baby's feet and legs mainly kicking my upper right tummy quadrant all the time which makes me really believe she doesn't have anymore room in there because she's been in that position for quite some time. I'm nearly done "nesting" At least with her room. I have a few more items to tackle on my to do list, like pack my hospital bag. But I'm waiting until after Christmas for that. Of course there is always cleaning that can be done in the house, but that's an ongoing thing. I'll never be able to permanently take that off my list. All the baby items are clean and put away. I need to get the pack in play out of storage, but that shouldn't be a problem. I need to clean and sterilize all the bottles and breast pump stuff since that's been packed away for a few months now. All minor things, that I have to keep reminding myself can even get done after Baby comes. So slowly but surely things are getting set for when we become a 4 person household! In 2 weeks I have my 36 wk dr appt and from then on I go every week. The Dr. will also "check" me at that point to see if I'm at all dilated or effaced. Please lord let me be!!!! That's all I want from Santa this year! Although I can wait the full 40 weeks (at least I keep telling myself that) I don't want to go a day past that. So there you have growth is progressing. Mommy is doing well, healthy and happy and Baby appears to be also!

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