Friday, December 18, 2009

He has a NAME!

Brooklyn enjoyed her visit with Grandpa Mike and has affectionately named him "Pee-Paw"
He came to visit this past monday and left earlier today. This afternoon, Brooklyn walked around saying "Pee-Paw....where are you?!" while checking the stairs frequently expecting to see him come down. It was a good visit. We even went to see the Santa (whom Brooklyn call's Tee-tan) at the mall. Here she is waiting patiently in line....

Once it was our turn to visit with Santa, we made the turn around the corner, Brooklyn spotted Santa then preceded to throw herself to the ground screaming and crying in terror. She wanted nothing to do with Jolly ole St. Nick even with Mommy sitting next to him. She went straight for Daddy's arms, crying, and hollared out "Bye Bye" to Santa. So that was it...we laughed and brought her straight to the puppy store to make up for the traumatic event in her life. At the puppy store, all was forgotten.

Brooklyn was in her heaven!!!! I have no doubt that there will be a puppy for christmas in her future (Daddy's too much of a sucker for her these days!)

Later that same night we let Brooklyn open the Christmas presents that Pee-Paw had gotten for her. Deuce of course helped out.....

Thanks Pee-Paw Mike for another wonderful visit!

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Riecke's said...

Pee paw. Love it. shoulda got tantrum pics! Need to take her back! I know, I'm so mean!