Thursday, December 10, 2009


Auntie Rey Rey noticed on my last post all of Brooklyn's puppies that she had and wanted to know how many she actually had.

26, 4 are missing from the picture including the 2 on the way....she's getting 2 more for christmas, but shhh don't tell her. It's very much Brooklyn's obsession since pretty much day one. Everything is puppies, and she will gravitate towards all things puppies. She loves saying "PUP-PEESE!" as well as "woo woo." The toy aisle at any store and she'll scoop up as many puppies as she can get her tiny hands on....hence the 26 that we now own. All the puppies seen in the picture are pretty much in rotation in her everyday play as well as many of them make it in her crib for bed time.

Side note...Brett's officially on vacation this week and next week...which has been awesome! Brooklyn has been loving all the Daddy time and bonding she's been getting.

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Mrs. D said...

Too cute! I love the group shot!