Friday, December 11, 2009

potty training

Ughh, I dread this day and the thought of even trying to potty train Brooklyn. In fact I've had multiple conversations with friends of mine just recently about waiting til my child is like 4 (right before they have to go to Kindergarten) before I even attempt. Obviously I was sarcastic, but serious about waiting. I also knew that with Baby #2 coming in less then 2 months that potty training would be something that wouldn't be considered for sometime down the road. Go figure that my kid is the one that shows interest at 18 months. The past week and a half Brooklyn has been obsessed with going to the potty. She'll grab my hand and walk me to the bathroom saying "pee pee" or "poo poo" and insist on sitting on the toilet. So we'll go through the whole ordeal of getting her down to her bare bum, sitting her on the toilet, have her hang out there for a few minutes for absolutely nothing. She'll say or sign that she's done, but again, there's nothing. That really doesn't surprise me at all. I don't think she's at the point of recognizing a wet or dirty diaper or the sensation of having to use the bathroom. I think more she's just interested in sitting on the toilet (which makes me think I need to give my kid more to do for entertainment!) Maybe this is just a phase? I have a feeling that it'll still be a long while before she's actually potty trained, but man oh man did I really not want to do this right now. Plus, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!!! I just know that everything I read says that your child will tell you when they are ready and to not force it. They will show signs. Because she's interested I can't very well ignore her....well I can, but i'd feel incredibly guilty. We'll see how long she really keeps the interest up and how well this actually goes....this weekend though we're off the the store for some potty chairs though...figured I might as well have them just in case she does decide to catch on. Keep you posted on our progress...doubt we'll get anywhere, but hey you never know!!!!


Riecke's said...

Get her a little potty and let her be bottomless and see if she'll go on it. Maybe she is getting close. Good luck. hee hee!

Christine said...

Emma did the same thing at 18 months. I let her decide when she wanted to do it and by the time she turned 2 she was mostly potty trained. Now we don't even have to do diapers at night and only have the occasional accident. Every kid is different so don't stress about it.

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

Jax was gong ho at about 18 months too...even pee'd on the potty...and excited...and then about 3 weeks went by where he didn't even want to look at the potty....and then got a little back into it...and now he is gong ho again! It was a game to him at first! She will do it in her own time! I don't want diapers anymore...but hate the thought of public restrooms!