Friday, December 31, 2010

Chicago Christmas Festivities

Somewhat Annual Gingerbread House making contest between families.

Jed and me, setting up the houses and getting ready...

Dio's working hard at TRYING to make a masterpiece

Sangsomwong's Trying to get creative.

Stephenson Architect Firm hard at came easily to us this year since we had the help of our new intern, Brooklyn

We had to redirect our little intern many times because she kept eating the building you blame her?!

The final product....we should have won the contest, but the judging was rigged.

Brooklyn, still tasting the final product!

I dont want to share the pictures of the other houses just because I am still bitter about who won :)

Adding to our annual holiday festivities apparently is rocking out to the DFS band (Dio-Feldman-Sangsomwong)

Jay was a seasoned pro at this....(btw, he's single ladies......wink wink....)

Andro, yep, in a VIKINGS shirt, that's what you get for losing a bet to Brett.

Family photo shoots...

Auntie Rose, Jay, Jed, and Ria....

ALl the cousins...minus a sleeping Isaac.

Kay, I have to laugh at this next picture....which one of these is not like the other?!

Christmas Dinner made by our family Top Chef....

Brooklyn and Ria had their own special table

Opening gifts.

After opening up all the wonderful gifts this is what I find them session of angry bird.

Finally Jay decided to start playing with the new fun gifts

Of course it didn't take Brooklyn long to attack all her new toys...of course she loved them all, but who would have guessed that her new "furreal" puppy would rank on top?!

Kohls Childrens Museum

While visiting our family in Chicago one of the afternoons we spent at the Childrens museum. A huge hit with our girls and apparently with all other chicagoland kiddos because it was packed! I guess that makes sense when there is limited ways to entertain when its freezing below out. Brooklyn loved loved loved it. She of course always loves spending time with Big Cousin Ria! Had soo much playing and exploring.

I especially loved watching her "shop" at the grocery store....she knew just what to do!

That's my girl picking out her sweets at the Bakery!

Rachelle and Isaac were able to join us also.

There was plenty for the little kids to do also.

Our little thespian! Loved being on stage and watching herself perform on TV.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Da Bears!

Hojo took Brett, my cousin Jay, and me to the Bears game last Sunday, and although Brett is a Viking fan at heart, I know he couldn't contain his excitement for the game. Especially when his wifey came dressed looking like this!

It was freaking cold out there, but we were prepared. Lots of layers and beer for the morning of tailgating (proud to be a Chicagoan....the tailgaters in snow and below freezing temps are true die hard fans!)

The game was AWESOME especially since they won! We had good seats and an even better time!

Thanks Hojo for the memories! We can officially cross tailgating a Bears game in freezing temps off