Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye Memaw....

We survived our first night and morning without Memaw here. Here are some latest pictures from the last few days that Memaw was here.

It wasn't too bad without Memaw here... although Brett and I avoid saying the words Memaw and Grandma because we're afraid to trigger Brooklyn to start looking for her and Brooklyn will probably have a real melt down if she realizes she's not here. Reality will really hit during the week when Brett will be at work and not have as much time to spend with me and the girls and I actually have to get up out of bed by 8 am and tend to Brooklyn. Up til now I was able to sleep in an extra hour or so while my mom or Brett got Brooklyn up. Guess I'll have to start going to bed early and hope that Alexis doesn't keep me up too long during her middle of the night nursing sessions. Thank you Memaw for being here the past few weeks! We were so blessed to have her here to help out!!!

Alexis is doing well. I laid her on our scale (who knows the true accuracy of it) and she weighs 7# 1oz. That's right after a feed, clothed and with a diaper. So maybe she's really only about 6.5 lbs? Either way, I am quite impressed that my little baby is starting to pack on the ounces!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting there...

Alexis is starting to finally fit her Newborn outfits. She still has a little ways to go to be able to completely fill them out, but she's making her way there.

Tonight is Memaw's last night in town and we plan on going to dinner at San Tan Flat. Brett and I are really taking advantage of the extra pair of hands in the house right now. Tomorrow night will really start reality for us. We've been VERY spoiled having Memaw in town to help out the last few weeks. I think Brooklyn will mostly miss her presence around the house though. She has grown very attached to her Memaw and in fact she's often times walked right by me and went straight for her Memaw. It'll be interesting to see how she does after she'll be interesting to see how I do after Memaw leaves! Keep you posted......

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day of FIRSTS!

Yesterday was a day of firsts for both Brooklyn and Alexis.

Brooklyn decided that she was interested once again in going to the potty. Which I was hadn't been too aggresive with for obvious reasons. However, yesterday when she mentioned potty to my Mom, we placed her on her potty chair and wouldn't you know...she actually peed! We gave her lots of M and M's as a reward and made a HUGE deal about it. I've refrained from taking pictures, but really wanted to...figured I'd save my kids the embarassment later on in life if the pictures would ever re-surface.

Alexis' cord fell off the day before so yesterday was her first tubby bath. Wahoo! And like most girls, she enjoyed her spa day. I couldn't resist not taking a picture of this though....

Un-Professional Pictures

Here's my very amature attempt to do some newborn pictures for Alexis.

Not too shabby, but I took over 50 pictures to get a handful that were actually decent! Haha...definitely not my talent. We look foward to having Alex, a friend from work come over next week, to do more pictures of our little Alexis.

The bow on Alexis' head was a gift given to us by one of Brett's employees and his Wife..Chris and Paige. Paige makes all sorts of cute baby items...check out her website

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Due Date

Today was my official due date for Alexis....and instead I have a very healthy beautiful 10 day old.

And we have a very intrigued and curious Big Sister....

Here's Brooklyn, praying to god...thanking him for bringing her a little sister!

Arriving 10 days early (but very much requested and appreciated!) and our world is complete.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mommy's little helper

I stepped out of the room into my bathroom with kids situated as such....

Alexis on the bed while Brooklyn played on the floor watching TV

I peeked in a few mins later to find this.....

Can't take my eyes off of them...who knows what trouble Brooklyn would have talked Alexis getting into with her!

Brooklyn likes to help out with Alexis when her attention allows, but that only lasts about 5 minutes, then she's off to the next thing. Here she is helping out...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Pictures!!!

Just adding some more pictures from the past few days. We're all doing well. Alexis is doing what she should be...eating and sleeping! She'll have her occasional wake times which I love! She had her first visit to the pediatrician and she's still at the same weight she was when she left the hospital. 5 Lbs 8 oz. She's also only 18 inches long. 5th percentile. We're working on getting her up there. I am nursing her and thankfully it didn't take too long for supply to meet the demand. Just within the past few days we've noticed Alexis filling out. I don't doubt that before long she'll be sporting some chunky cheeks! Brooklyn is also doing well. It's amazing how big she's become over the past few days without truly growing in size...if that makes any sense! Brooklyn is truly the big sister and sized up with Alexis she's a giant. She loves her little sister and it's been a pretty good transition if you ask me.


Sibling Bonding

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pictures for the Day

Alexis in her PJ's....just so you get an idea of how tiny she is, she's in a newborn sized outfit. Brett and I were tickled by the fact that her arms and legs didn't even fit into the sleeves.

More of Alexis....

Memaw and Alexis


(up until now I always thought of Brooklyn as small and petite....she still is, but next to Alexis she's such a big girl!)

Brooklyn and Dora....