Friday, January 15, 2010

Brooklyn's Day

Yesterday I dedicated the afternoon to Brooklyn. I'm sad that soon she will no longer be my baby, but happy to bring home a baby sister for her. So yesterday we went to Lunch at Joe's Farm house grill. Afterwards we headed over to Cosmo Dog park (without Deuce) so Brooklyn can check out the "pupeese!!!." We didn't go into any of the fenced in areas, but instead hung out right outside the gates on the benches so that Brooklyn could see the pups as they came and went.

It was hilarous when she saw this next doggie...

She pointed and said Was At! (what's that).... Cow?!...and proceded to "mooooo!" I laughed, although I don't think the owner found it as cute and funny as I. Brooklyn's even good about picking out chihuahas. We bought her the movie Beverly Hills Chihuaha (yes we do own this movie now!) a few weeks ago and has loved it ever since. She calls them "wah wahs"

After the dog park we went down the street to San Tan mall to have some fun at the play speak for themselves.

She was in heaven and by the time I was ready to head to our next spot... Brooklyn wasn't at all. She kicked and screamed as I strapped her back into her stroller and I made it about 15 feet when Mommy Guilt kicked in. I felt awful since I knew she was having soo much fun and truthfully there was no agenda to our day. We had no where to be. I also knew that it was her day and who knows when the next time we'll be able to do this again. So I took her back, unstrapped her and let her free. I'm sure all the other mommy's there were thinking that I am such a sucker and that I probably spoil her rotten. She played for another 30 to 45 mins before she willingly climbed back into the stoller. Our next stop was Boba's Tea house in Chandler. I discovered this place a few weeks ago while tending to the Chandler Condo. I'm in love!!! And after tomorrow I'll be starting my post partum...gotta shed the I won't have the excuse to drive 40 mins away to get a smoothie just cause I was craving it (SIGH!). Brooklyn and I ordered some smoothies, hung out on the couches and ooed and awed over the fish in the aquarium. For dinner last night we had two of her favorites.... peepas...(pizza) and Bees (blueberries) Here she is devouring it...I've opted to go shirtless for dinner time now because she won't keep her bib on....

And yes....we don't encourage her eating with her toes, but sometimes she just manages to get them up there!

Brooklyn's day continued onto this morning. I braved the movie theatre with her for her very first big screen movie. The Princess and the Frog. We joined Becky and Amaya for Amaya's first big screen movie also. Here's the girls enjoying the arcade prior to the actual movie...

During the actualy movie I was quite impressed with Both girls. For a nearly 3 year old and 19 month old to do as well as they did, I'm happy We probably missed only the last 20 mins of the movie. Both Becky and I were prepared that they might not sit still thru it all, so it wasn't disappointing that we left early. Good planning on Becky's part to pick a 1030 showtime and a nearly empty theatre.

All in all, it's been a wonderful Mommy and Brooklyn bonding time. I am so blessed to be able to have this time off with her before tomorrow. I am sooo in love with that little girl! I can't believe that soon I will be able to love on her little sister!
Right now Miss B is taking in her afternoon nap. I'm enjoying some quiet time blogging and then I'm gonna lay myself down for a nap. Brett's done early today and later we are going to head out for some dinner before going to the airport to pick up Nana Trini. Tomorrow morning we're going to the hospital! (I haven't gotten any phone calls to tell me that they are backed up...thank god!) I can't wait to share our wonderful news, story, and pictures! If you're not too busy keep us close in your thoughts and prayers.

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Casey said...

You are close in our thoughts and prayers, good luck tomorrow Mae :)