Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day of FIRSTS!

Yesterday was a day of firsts for both Brooklyn and Alexis.

Brooklyn decided that she was interested once again in going to the potty. Which I was hadn't been too aggresive with for obvious reasons. However, yesterday when she mentioned potty to my Mom, we placed her on her potty chair and wouldn't you know...she actually peed! We gave her lots of M and M's as a reward and made a HUGE deal about it. I've refrained from taking pictures, but really wanted to...figured I'd save my kids the embarassment later on in life if the pictures would ever re-surface.

Alexis' cord fell off the day before so yesterday was her first tubby bath. Wahoo! And like most girls, she enjoyed her spa day. I couldn't resist not taking a picture of this though....

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The West Family said...

1. Way to go Brooklyn! After Kate finally went in the potty for the first time, there was no looking back. She is always in big girl panties at home and we have no accidents. Hopefully Brooklyn will be the same way. 2. Sophie has the same fleece heart outfit and bath tub as Alexis. I guess we have great taste. :-) 3. You're newborn pictures look great! I love the set up that you did and the giant letters. Ok, now that I have written a novel...hope to see you all soon and meet Alexis!