Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've successfully convinced my Doctor it was time to meet the Newbie and he has agreed to induce me this Saturday at 9am! We're making our necessary adjustments to this plan, I've taken off work officially (haven't worked since last friday) and we're doing our last minute preparations for the Newbie. This afternoon I am going to go enjoy a massage. I don't know how hard it has hit me yet that I'm about to have 2 kiddos under 2. Regardless, I nap when I can and I'm gonna take advantage of the Hubbie off for the afternoon with the massage. Finally there's a light at the end of our 9 month tunnel! I feel great...physically I'm not run down or miserable, which you would think that since I have been chasing Brooklyn around I would be physically besides myself, but nope. I'm just emotionally and mentally ready for this baby. It's a bittersweet reality of finally being able to have this baby because unlike some I do very much enjoy being pregnant. I'm trying to convince Brett that it would be fun to have a big family...I think my best chance at winning the argument is moments after Newbie's arrival when he's on an emotional high! I'll let you know how that goes!


The West Family said...

Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to meet baby girl Stephenson #2!! I am sure everything will go smooth.

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

I actually love being pregos too! but 2 is it for us...We can't wait to meet the newest member to our playgroup family...girls girls girls...Jax is so excited! congratulations. praying for an easy delivery!

Ari Kelly said...

Seriously! How can you stop at 2 with a kid as cute as Brooklyn?? :)