Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Pictures!!!

Just adding some more pictures from the past few days. We're all doing well. Alexis is doing what she should be...eating and sleeping! She'll have her occasional wake times which I love! She had her first visit to the pediatrician and she's still at the same weight she was when she left the hospital. 5 Lbs 8 oz. She's also only 18 inches long. 5th percentile. We're working on getting her up there. I am nursing her and thankfully it didn't take too long for supply to meet the demand. Just within the past few days we've noticed Alexis filling out. I don't doubt that before long she'll be sporting some chunky cheeks! Brooklyn is also doing well. It's amazing how big she's become over the past few days without truly growing in size...if that makes any sense! Brooklyn is truly the big sister and sized up with Alexis she's a giant. She loves her little sister and it's been a pretty good transition if you ask me.

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Riecke's said...

I think you have been drinking because in these pictures she looks very content and possibly buzzed!