Monday, January 11, 2010

Ready to POP!

I think she's done! We're ready to go. I was at the Dr today....nothing new on the progress except that we're still waiting! I almost convinced my Dr to induce me Friday, he laughed at my insistance on not going to 40 weeks. I reminded him about my fear of having a LARGE baby...he laughed again, told me he would check with the hospital to see how "busy" they were and think about it over night. I left with a promise that he would call me sometime tomorrow. I doubt he will induce me since medically there is no reason (other then my own Mental health) and my Dr seems to be pretty conservative. I've given up on any hope that I'll go early and I'm mentally preparing myself that it may just be another 2 weeks before we meet the newbie. Til then I am enjoying my time with my current one and only (outside the womb!)

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