Tuesday, January 5, 2010


That was the term that my Doctor used to describe my cervix....nice huh? I went for my 37 week check yesterday and I am still only 2 cm dialted, but my cervix is "ripe" and I can go "any day now." Quoted directly from my doctor. My blood pressure is up, but no luck on getting him to induce me because of it. My bet is that next week he'll be open to talking induction. I haven't had any weight gain, in fact the last time I checked on my scale I lost 2 lbs, but that's because I feel nauseated alot, not really hungry and I am trying to avoid big meals just in case I do just go into labor. I tried desperately at work last night to get this labor process moving, squats while charting, lunges while walking the hallways, squatting down to pick up the everything and anything off the floors, moving and lifting the 200 plus lb patients, helping with all turning and repostioning that I could, I even tried to get one for the pharmacy techs to sneak me some pitocin (not really on that last one...but I did joke with him). No luck on going into labor though. I was bound and determined to not have to go home and that I would just walk downstairs to L & D to be checked in. Bummer! I will say that my thighs and butt are killing me now from my work out last night. So the waiting game continues!

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