Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When Life gives us Lemons


Here's the fruit off our Lemon Tree we planted back in March. I wasn't expecting that we would actually see lemons this quickly. We have about a dozen! I had heard it takes a few yrs before a baby tree actually produces fruit. Guess my source was wrong. We also don't have much of a green thumb so I am even more impressed that we've managed to keep the trees and bushes alive in our backyard. Although I do worry about them these days with the cooler temps....they are looking a little sad. Speaking of cooler temps. I heard there is a cold front taking over the country. Mostly everywhere! Expect here of course. It is chilly here in the morning, I had a scarf and gloves on along with Brooklyn when we went to the store this am. It was 40 blood has thinned alot since I moved here 7 yrs ago! Though, It's a high of 70 today. Beats the teens they are getting in Chicago and I am not even going to mention what Dakota's temps are....frost bite just typing it! Interested in moving here yet?!

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Maria (Loppan) said...

You have av very nice blog! I really like your lemontree! Where I live in the north of Europe(Sweden)we might grow lemontrees inside our houses only. I found your blog when I was out on Wellcome to visit my home in Sweden!:

Have a nice day! Maria