Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monkeying Around

Alexis is very fond of her Monkey Binkie...

We think Brooklyn's been jealous of the bond between monkey and Alexis. Very often I'll check on Alexis who screaming and crying...and of course Brooklyn's nearby...with a Guilty "I didn't do anything!" smile...

Let the Big Sibling tormenting begin! :)


Social Smiles....

This is when life gets even better!

Daddy Daughter Bonding

Alexis and Daddy getting some good quality hanging out time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tummy Time

Alexis is not a huge fan of Tummy time so I have to bribe her with her binkie.

Not sure how effective tummy time is when she's sucks away at her binkie and falls asleep.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping Up with Alexis

Alexis is much more alert these days which makes taking pictures that much more fun.

She is starting to socially smile now, but that's hard to capture on film right now...this is what I managed to get instead of the smile.

Since she's more awake now I've been having her hang out in her swing so she can check out her surroundings and watch what her Big Sister is always up to.

She enjoys being outdoors with us and is constantly turning her head all sorts of directions to look around. But mostly she enjoys hanging out with her Big Sister.


Don't turn your back on a nearly 21 month old when making cupcakes because this is what happens....

Brooklyn decided she'd much rather eat the batter and not wait until the final product. We made our Valentines cupcakes this morning. Didn't make them for Valentines because we had so many other types of sweets and treats here at the house.

It was hard to tell Brooklyn "no" to digging into the leftover batter when she's watching Mommy do it and she looks so darn cute and innocent doing it herself.

She didn't manage to spoil her appetite and was still able to enjoy the final product.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

above average

The normal newborn gains 1 to 2 lbs within their first month of life. Not our girl!!! She's exceeded the expectations and gained 3 lbs! Alexis weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz at her doctor appt. Nevermind the fact that she's only 25th percentile, but that's up from 3rd percentile at birth. Must be all those chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate chip cookies I've been feeding her thru nursing. Way to GROW Alexis!!! Making Mommy and Daddy proud! Now if you can just even out your skin tone and not be so jaundice we wouldnt have to sit here at the lab waiting to be called back to have your blood drawn and checked!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunny and 70's

On a day like today how can you not want to spend the time outdoors. So when we got up today we quickly organized an impromptu play date and headed to the park with Anjee, Will, Ella, Joo and Ellie. (side note: In the matter of 45 mins I managed to get up out of bed, change the girls, shower, feed brooklyn, field some text messages regarding where and when to meet, pack the girls in the car, and was out the door!...I'm pretty impressed!) So here's some pictures from our park outing today. Brooklyn was thrilled to have Will and Ellie to play with.

It's nice to have friends that are willing and able to be spontaneous with us. Not that going to the park and then heading to lunch is completely unheard of for us, but when you don't plan something in advance and you're involving 5 kiddos under 3 it's not exactly the easiest task to accomplish on short notice. So thanks Joo and Anjee for being spontaneous with us! We had fun!

Little Miss Independent

Today while packing up and getting ready to head out the door Brooklyn was insistant
that she get her own jacket on and here was the outcome....

She's really wanting to do things on her own and in fact she's even starting to help Brett and I out alot more with Alexis!

Now if I can just get her to change diapers life would be so much more easy!

Alexis got her very first bottle of momma's milk last night and did well. Since I've been strictly nursing her we haven't had to do the bottle til last night. I wanted to introduce the bottle on occasions starting now so when I do go back to work it's not completely foreign to her and so she doesn't go 12 hours without eating....which Brooklyn chose to do the first night I had to go to work. I weighed Alexis last night and she weighed 8.5 lbs on our scale at home. We go to the doctor on Weds to see what she really weighs. Ughh I can't believe how big she's getting. I wish I can just bottle her up this size!


Noelle Anjali Sampson....

Born Feb. 9th. Weighing in just over 9 lbs. Proud Mommy...Nichole! We are soo happy for her and her new little sweet pea. Congrats Sampson Family!!!!!

I got scolded the other day via blogger comments that I hadn't given Nichole and her new baby girl a proper blogger world welcome...truth is that I was waiting for some pictures to be sent to me before I introduced her. Well I'm still waiting for her mommy to get on the ball and send me some pictures. In the meantime I've stolen this picture from Nichole's Facebook! NICHOLE- Send me more pictures please and thank you!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Celebrate Love

Brett and I are perfectly content celebrating the love between us with our baby girls. So this year instead of our traditional date night for valentines we stuck close to the home with our girls. This morning Brooklyn and Alexis woke up to some fun surprises for them in the kitchen.

Brooklyn got Dora coloring pages and some crayons and markers and Alexis got her very first Teddy Bear! (of course Daddy made sure to include some roses for me)
Brooklyn was thrilled when she woke up and came down the stairs to find her special gifts.

And she couldn't wait to get her coloring groove on!

Alexis was just content cuddling with her new Teddy

We continued our celebration with our traditional sunday pancakes....took some naps....and tonight we're cooking some steaks and shrimp and hopefully going to enjoy a nice glass of red wine.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Exponential Growth

Remember this outfit...

The picture above was from when Alexis was only about 3 days old.
Here's Alexis in it now....

I am still amazed how fast babies grow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I completely appreciate my incredibly talented friends. Because it's friends like ALEX that help capture the innocence and beauty of Alexis.

She did some newborn pictures for us last week and they turned out great. She's professionally trained as a Nurse, who I work with in the ICU, and simply has an eye and natural talent for photography. I lack the natural creative talent that some, like Alex, seem to have so thankfully they want to be my friends! (I think anyway!...hehe!)Thank you Alex for being so incredibly talented!