Saturday, February 6, 2010

3 down...many many more to go!

3 weeks ago our lives changed completely. I'll admit that I was quite apprehensive about welcoming a newborn into our lives 24/7 when Brooklyn had kept us quite busy. I don't know what I was worried about because it's been WONDERFUL. Alexis is a complete blessing to add to the many other blessings in our lives. We've survived the past few weeks...on little sleep, but Survived! I was thankful for my 4.5 hr stretch I got the other night. Wahoo! I think our next hurdle will be when I return to work full time...NIGHTS...and having the girls at home on my days off. Ask me then how we are managing and surviving. I am so thankful to have Hillary, our part time nanny, and not have to worry about having to find someone new when I return to work. She's great with Brooklyn and I know she'll do great with Alexis too.

Alexis has been a great baby and I'll just leave it at that because I don't want to jinx it by bragging. Brooklyn and Deuce can't get enough of her. (neither can her mommy and daddy!)

Brooklyn's been doing well. I managed to pack up the girls and take them on a playdate last weds. (which on that note....packing up the girls and heading out the door is quite the challenge on my own. Ive found that if I want to leave the house by a certain time I have to start the process about 30 mins in advance and plan on leaving 15 mins before I really need to be out the door in order to actually leave at the correct time!) We went to the Chandler Rec Center for some fun with Amaya and Ellie. Thankfully their Mommies were there too to help keep an eye out for Brooklyn when I had to tend to Alexis. How I would have managed with Becky and Joo, I have NO idea! Brooklyn was in her Heaven at the Bounce house playing with whatelse but the Puppy!

I think in an effort to make sure Brooklyn doesn't feel left out, jealous, or resentful of the new addition we've may be spoiling her a bit. I'd rather a happy 20 month old then a onery cranky and troublesome 20 month old. She does well when my attention is on Alexis. She's very curious and tries to be very helpful. She doesn't quite get that you have to be gentle with Alexis and she's learning how to not be too rough. I can't fault her or get angry at her when she's showing such affection for Alexis and has good intentions, but it's hard not to snap at Brooklyn when she pulls up at Alexis arm to try and hug her. It's a learning stage for me too!

As for Mommy, minus the lbs that I am still working on shedding I feel great! Sleep deprived but great. It doesn't feel like I just had a baby and I can't wait to hit my 6 week mark so I can get cleared physically to start working out. My goal is to do p90x with Brett. It's quite the goal for me since I don't really work out! I avoided working out after Brooklyn was born because I knew that eventually I'd get pregnant again. So my thoughts were why try too hard when I would just re-gain it all back. I guess now I don't have that excuse. (SIGH!)

Brett's been doing well. He's back at work and after his long day at work he still manages to come home and give all his girls equal love and attention. All while making sure that Deuce gets love. Crazy how full our house feels simply by adding a 6-7 lb baby!

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alexisandkyle said...

I love how "human" Deuce is :) Such a cute family!