Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double Stroller

To answer the many questions that I have been getting regarding the stoller I figured I'd just post a new blog. After tons of research I have found that almost all double strollers have both pros and cons. Especially those in a decent price range. My 2 priorities when buying a stroller was that I needed a stroller to accomodate the Chicco brand infant carrier as well as a seat with restraints to fit Brooklyn. The sit and stand made by Baby Trend is a great stroller which accomodates my carrier, but the seat platform in the back is not ideal for Brooklyn. I'd never be able to keep her seated.

So not a great purchase for the 2 under 2 club.

Baby Trend also has a tandem stroller that has double seats, but the universal car seat adapter for this particular model is apparently not universal to my Chicco car seat.

Because Alexis is too tiny to simply put in the stroller without using the car seat and since my car seat is a Chicco brand (and Chicco has yet to come out with a double stroller that accomodates the car seat) my BIGGEST dilemma was finding a stroller that can fit the Chicco infant carrier. I would have had a way easier time finding a double stroller had i not needed it to fit my carrier. There are a ton of awesome options out there if you don't need that feature. Also, given the amount of money I was willing to spend my options were narrowed down to 2. Kohlcraft makes this stroller

It's weight without kids and carseat was 40 lbs and in order to fold this stroller into a more compatible size to fit in a trunk you have to take the seats in the stroller out each and every time. PAIN IN MY REAR! Apprarently most tandem strollers are built like tanks. The average weight I found was 30 to 40 lbs when looking at the tandem strollers. The plus side of have a side by side stroller is that they tend to be lighter weight in comparison to the tandems, but fitting through doorways and aisles is always the negative side of using a side by side.

So that left me with this....

It's the Aria 60/40 Corallo made by Peg Perego
Con- it was way more money that I wanted to spend cause I hoped to not have to use this forever and that both my kids will one day be able to walk without assistance or need constant supervision.
Pro- I used a 20% off coupon! And it's from the 2009 "collection" so it was also marked down to make room for the 2010 version, which has yet to come out.

Con- It's a side by side...which is the biggest issue. Fitting through doorways as long as they are considered "standard" size shouldn't be a problem, but aisles...especially the clothing racks and aisles that I like to visit, will most likely be a problem. Although, maybe I won't shop as much which can then be considered a PRO!
Pro- It's only 19 lbs and is incredibly easy to manuever and steer. I used it yesterday for the first time and I was able to steer it with one hand. I can get in and out of the back of the Armada without any issues. I can get it open and closed without any issues.

Pro- The seats have a 60/40 feature meaning that one side is smaller then the other. This is to help keep the size of the stroller to a minimum. The smaller side fits Brooklyn and the larger side fits the Chicco carrier. Once Alexis is big enough to sit on her own then she can go in the smaller side and Brooklyn in the bigger. That's how the stroller was designed.
Con- I do have to comment that this stroller is only really meant to fit Peg Perego infant carriers, but when testing the stroller out we found that my Chicco carrier fits into it. There is no safety feature or lock to hold it in place, but lets be honest here...I'm not going to be dodging cars or running marathons with this stroller so I won't really need to have it locked in. The Chicco carrier fits VERY snug into the spot and there isn't any room to jiggle out.

Hope this helps Mommies!!! My suggestion if you are in the market to buy a double stroller (which GOD BLESS YOU if you are!) is to go to the stores and test them all out. That's how I came across my purchase.

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