Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Today while packing up and getting ready to head out the door Brooklyn was insistant
that she get her own jacket on and here was the outcome....

She's really wanting to do things on her own and in fact she's even starting to help Brett and I out alot more with Alexis!

Now if I can just get her to change diapers life would be so much more easy!

Alexis got her very first bottle of momma's milk last night and did well. Since I've been strictly nursing her we haven't had to do the bottle til last night. I wanted to introduce the bottle on occasions starting now so when I do go back to work it's not completely foreign to her and so she doesn't go 12 hours without eating....which Brooklyn chose to do the first night I had to go to work. I weighed Alexis last night and she weighed 8.5 lbs on our scale at home. We go to the doctor on Weds to see what she really weighs. Ughh I can't believe how big she's getting. I wish I can just bottle her up this size!

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