Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunny and 70's

On a day like today how can you not want to spend the time outdoors. So when we got up today we quickly organized an impromptu play date and headed to the park with Anjee, Will, Ella, Joo and Ellie. (side note: In the matter of 45 mins I managed to get up out of bed, change the girls, shower, feed brooklyn, field some text messages regarding where and when to meet, pack the girls in the car, and was out the door!...I'm pretty impressed!) So here's some pictures from our park outing today. Brooklyn was thrilled to have Will and Ellie to play with.

It's nice to have friends that are willing and able to be spontaneous with us. Not that going to the park and then heading to lunch is completely unheard of for us, but when you don't plan something in advance and you're involving 5 kiddos under 3 it's not exactly the easiest task to accomplish on short notice. So thanks Joo and Anjee for being spontaneous with us! We had fun!

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Riecke's said...

Love the pics. You're so good at posting...FAST! Geez! The kids had so much fun. Will woke up from nap wanting to go to the park. OHoh...created a monster. Thanks for the impromptu date!