Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to the Family!

I am a huge fan of the binkie attached to a small stuff animal and we've found that Brooklyn is too. She's grown really attached to her puppy binkie. I made her the puppy binkie when she was just a few weeks old by sewing the soothie pacifier onto a random stuffed puppy doll that we had at the house. It's a great way to help keep the binkie in the baby's mouth all while giving something for them to hold onto. My mistake with what I thought was a brilliant idea (credit to WubbaNub) was that I never had a duplicate replacement for the puppy. I tried other puppies that look similar, but there was no fooling Brooklyn. She uses it for her naps and bedtime still and it's never ending flow of tears if that puppy isn't in the bed with her when it comes to sleep time. She even freaks out when the puppy accidently falls out the crib and she can't get to it. She only wants that particular puppy, so we've been rather protectant of the puppy in our house for fear of Brooklyn losing her mind if we lost the puppy. I learned a lesson when introducing the binkie to Alexis.

Instead of making my own I bought two made by WubbaNub. WubbaNub makes binkies attached to a variety of stuffed animals. I went with the monkey and the great thing about this is that I can always buy more and know where to get them if the monkey ever gets lost. So Monkey...if you are anything like the puppy, which I imagine you will be, welcome to our'll be around for a while. (hopefully no more then 2 years though!)

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Becky said...

Mommy of 2 under 2 AND blogger extrordinaire. You inspire me to blog more often. :-) Keep them coming.