Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check it out!!!

Our friend Nicole has started her own new crafty business and I wanted to help spread the word. Yet another person close to us that has oodles and oodles of creativity and crafty-ness. Nicole has a 3 year old, Ella, and a 4 month old, Jonah, as well as she's a full time teacher so where she has the time, I haven't a clue, but kudos to her! (I still haven't returned back to work and I am lucky to shower before Brett gets home in the evening.) All these crafty people around me has inspired me to learn! I told Brett the other day that my 2010 goal is to learn how to use a sewing machine. Now, I just have to go get me one! After I learn my new trade (ANY VOLUNTEERS TO TEACH ME?!), I can pretty much gurantee that I won't be starting up any business so you can continue to shop with Nicole! Anyway, check out her blog and let me know what you think...

It's Work out Time!

Alexis is doing really great at building her neck muscles and strength up. Partly because I've been better about doing tummy time with her. She's much more awake and willing to participate these days.

Alexis has also done well with her first few nights by herself in her room, more importantly I did well....and actually slept. Although last night I got up at 1am and 2am to check on her as well as 4 am to check on her and actually feed her. I think she likes being in her own bed just about as much as her big sister enjoys Alexis' bed.

Is it time?!

I'm completely torn as to when to finally cut Brooklyn's hair. As much as I don't want to I know she needs it. I have no idea how to manage curly hair and I'm learning that as much as I love her curls that they really are alot of work. Her hair is about a dozen different lengths and when styled appropriately she can really work a great mullet. I know I need to eventually cut it especially since it's quite unruly these days.

So is Brooklyn giving me the look of "Mom, why haven't you cut my hair yet?" or "Please mom don't make me cut my hair!"

I just don't want to cut it for fear she may lose her curls or they'll cut it too short giving her a pageboy haircut. I keep saying once it gets a little bit longer. Well, when her hair is pulled straight and tamed her longest layer actually sits about 2 inches past her shoulders. I'm actually not the best at making this decision. I've had the same long hair for over 10 years and I only get it cut maybe once a year. I had one bad hair cut where they went way too short back in 1998 and ever since then I've been scarred and haircuts are very traumatic.

20 mins of reading a day....

...inspires a lifetime of learning! (I snagged that quote from Nick Jr!) I found Brooklyn this morning quietly enjoying books in her room.

Sure, she tossed them around and made a mess, but she loves her books and lately has been bringing her books to me saying "Weed, Book?" It's hard to say no to her since I really want to encourage her to continue to enjoy books. Well, let's face it, it's hard saying No to her anytime.

She does exist!

God forbid anything were to happen to me I want Alexis to know that I did exist in her life and she have pictures to prove it. Since my WONDERFUL hubbie hasn't taken any pictures of us I have resorted to taking some myself.

I did the arm straight out holding the camara and head way back manuever to try and squeeze us both in.

I even managed to get Brooklyn in a picture.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just the 2 of them....

When I look at my girls I can't help but think that we are the luckiest parents. God has blessed us with 2 beautiful and wonderful girls! Thank you God!

Moving out.

The decision was just made to move Alexis out of the pack n play in our room into her room. Now that Hotel Stephenson is vacant Alexis is able to claim her room in the house. Big Sigh! So sad...I hate seeing her get bigger and older! I want her to stay teensy lil bitty FOREVER! Before I know it I'll be moving her into her dorm room in college! Kay, I know I am being a bit dramatic, but all parents out there have to agree with me that kids just grow up way too fast! Tonight will be her first night all by herself in her room. And although the room is only about 15 ft away from ours she just seems so far away. My heart aches to think she'll be all alone in her room. Well I did it with Brooklyn and I can do it again with Alexis. With return to work looming around the corner, I have to start this process now.
Her room is ready....

This is definitely her room now and her WONDERFUL and INCREDIBLE "Achee Rah Rah" (Auntie Rhonda) helped to personalize her room. She painted this wonderful canvas wall piece to match her room decor.

She did the same thing for when Brooklyn was born and Brooklyn also has one to match her room. She's soo dang creative and crafty....I'm so inspired by her, but don't have nearly the talent she does, so I'm not going to even try! Thank you Achee Rah Rah for being so wonderful and thoughtful! The girls are soo blessed to be so loved!


That's Brooklyn's pronunciation of Smile. She'll play with Alexis and when Alexis flashes her gummy smile at her she'll shout "OOK Mae (yes, she calls me Mae)! MILES!" It's hilarous and then Brooklyn will laugh and giggle, which then Alexis will smile even bigger.

Brooklyn has also learned to tickle Alexis' feet to try and get more smiles. She'll say "tickle tickle" and giggle.

Young Romance

We got together this weekend to celebrate Will's 3rd Birthday. Will is Brooklyn's very first boyfriend and she loves spending time with him.

I didn't get a picture of them together at the party, but here's one from a few weeks ago....

Happy Birthday Will! We enjoy all our time that we get to spend with you and love seeing you grow into the handsome little man that you are today!

After Will's party we went to another friends to hang with Alexis' little buddy. A blossiming romance! Caden is only a day older then Alexis, but he's got nearly 2 lbs on her and over 3 inches!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hotel Del Stephenson finally has vacancy and is currently taking reservations! We said our last goodbyes to our Memaw and "Grandpa Howard Feldman" early this morning. Now I am having empty nest depression. (maybe we can get a puppy?!)

Memaw and Pepaw had a great visit with the Girls and I while Brett did his annual Boys trip to Vegas. I had a long To-Do list that I wanted to tackle down while they were here and they were both Great helping me get things checked off. I can't stress how much it SUCKS not having family close by. It's soo incredibly wonderful to have them here to spend time with us and to help out with the little things, especially just having an extra set of hands to help with the girls. I might just appreciate them soo much more because they do live so far away. Here are some of the pictures from our visit. Memaw was Brooklyn's best buddy while she was here, but Memaw still managed to get some good bonding time with Alexis.

Brooklyn took some time to warm up to Pepaw, but after a few days she stopped screaming :-). (nothing against Pepaw...Brooklyn's just in that phase....she tends to scowl and scream at strangers or adult men!) Here's proof that she did warm up to Pepaw Hojo....

I swear that I took a picture of Alexis and Pepaw, but I guess not. Sorry! I'll have to get one next time....maybe we'll get pictures with Alexis when Alexis and I finally get some pictures together! Haha.

So the countdown back to work begins. With nothing on the agenda and no other visitors I'll have the next few wks left to sit and play with my girls! (and blog again!) Not excited about going back to fact I might cry thinking about it right now so subject dropped!

Don't miss all the additional posts that I did today and scroll down.....

oh and the answers to who's who.... Brooklyn Brooklyn Alexis Alexis. Good job Casey!

Primpin and Pamperin

Brooklyn loved having her Memaw and Pepaw here...especially her Memaw because her Memaw makes sure she's dolled up and pampered as every little girl should be. Who doesn't love getting their nails done?!

Brooklyn's training for the roll to be a real girly girl! She even hates getting her pictures done before she's done primping!

Big eye wonders...

I couldn't help but post and share each one of these pictures. Alexis has the biggest brown eyes and I can't keep from staring with awe and wonderment thinking I can't believe Brett and I made her!

She and her older sister are the most incredible things to have happened to us. We're so proud to be their parents!

Santa vs. Bunny

If you had the choice to sit on the lap of an overweight old man with a white beard (no offense Santa) or the lap of a cute fluffy bunny...who would you choose? Let's recall Brooklyn's FEAR of Mall Santa this past year. With that in mind I avoided the Mall Bunny.

We'd walk by and I'd point the Bunny out to Brooklyn and she's get excited to see the Bunny, but wouldn't walk closer then 20 ft. She'd observe from a distance and that would be about it. Although, here she wass dragging her Memaw thru the line to actually get an up close personal visit with the Bunny!

I kept telling my mom not to even bother because she would freak and scream when it came her turn and here was the result...

Shock to us all! She actually sat and didn't scream. She didn't smile and appeared to be stiff frozen, but she sat long enough to snap pictures and for the Mall to rob my Mom for her $19.99 to purchase their pics. But it was well worth it...we needed to really document the momentous event in Brooklyn's life. So Easter've one the heart of my Daughter! Santa, you've got some work to do...
P.S. Yes I am the mother that let her child walk around without any shoes that day, but in my defense, she's taken off her shoes to play in the park area (see previous post- vacancy) at the mall prior to taking off and dragging Memaw to the bunny. Even though this particular mall doesn't require it, my kiddo still insisted taking her shoes off to abide by the rules of the other malls. I wasn't gonna fight her on that. Hey, I gotta start picking my battles and I let her have that one.

I Scream....

....For Ice Cream!

That's exactly what she did too. We went to Dairy Queen to enjoy a treat with the intentions of letting Brooklyn share with all of us, but she insisted she have her own. So she pouted til we felt bad and got her own. She devoured her frozen treat...nearly the whole thing!