Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family TIme

Uncle Jamey, Auntie Rhonda, Cousin Michael, and Marcus came to town Saturday afternoon. We've been having soo much fun with them while they are here. Unfortunately, I'm not as good about taking pictures as I normally am, but did manage to take a few during our trip to the Bounce Jungle yesterday.
Here are some of the pictures from yesterday....

Brooklyn's been loving having here cousins here. She really tries hard to keep up with the 2 boys. Quite the little copy cat and so fun to watch her try to do what they do. She's also had her moments this week and we've had more then average amounts of melt-downs. She's a little thrown from her normal routine here so I don't blame her. They're tolerable melt-downs, especially with the extra set of hands right now. Hopefully this phase ends quickly! Alexis is just taking it all in! She'll crack open her eyes every so often to see where the new voices are coming from, but otherwise she just chills as every great and wonderful baby should do. I'm thrilled for the 7 hrs of sleep she blessed me with the last 2 nights...hopefully this isn't a phase and that this doesn't end quickly!

Jamey and Rhonda took the boys today to Amazing Jakes.I suggested they check it out thinking the boys might like it....I hope my suggestion doesn't fail me! I'll have to steal some pictures from Rhonda when I get a chance and post more. She's way better about snapping pictures then I. We still have lots of quality time and playing to do so we'll be posting more later!

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