Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Work out Time!

Alexis is doing really great at building her neck muscles and strength up. Partly because I've been better about doing tummy time with her. She's much more awake and willing to participate these days.

Alexis has also done well with her first few nights by herself in her room, more importantly I did well....and actually slept. Although last night I got up at 1am and 2am to check on her as well as 4 am to check on her and actually feed her. I think she likes being in her own bed just about as much as her big sister enjoys Alexis' bed.

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Nichole said...

OMG!!! such progress lil Lex!!! we have the same sleepy crib thing...(she's really too long for and that saddens me) the same boppy pillow cover n the same polka dot thing going!!! our daughters are destined to click!!!! I know you head back to work soon, I've got 13 days left =(...lets Mommy chat b4 we become employed once again)