Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving out.

The decision was just made to move Alexis out of the pack n play in our room into her room. Now that Hotel Stephenson is vacant Alexis is able to claim her room in the house. Big Sigh! So sad...I hate seeing her get bigger and older! I want her to stay teensy lil bitty FOREVER! Before I know it I'll be moving her into her dorm room in college! Kay, I know I am being a bit dramatic, but all parents out there have to agree with me that kids just grow up way too fast! Tonight will be her first night all by herself in her room. And although the room is only about 15 ft away from ours she just seems so far away. My heart aches to think she'll be all alone in her room. Well I did it with Brooklyn and I can do it again with Alexis. With return to work looming around the corner, I have to start this process now.
Her room is ready....

This is definitely her room now and her WONDERFUL and INCREDIBLE "Achee Rah Rah" (Auntie Rhonda) helped to personalize her room. She painted this wonderful canvas wall piece to match her room decor.

She did the same thing for when Brooklyn was born and Brooklyn also has one to match her room. She's soo dang creative and crafty....I'm so inspired by her, but don't have nearly the talent she does, so I'm not going to even try! Thank you Achee Rah Rah for being so wonderful and thoughtful! The girls are soo blessed to be so loved!

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