Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Santa vs. Bunny

If you had the choice to sit on the lap of an overweight old man with a white beard (no offense Santa) or the lap of a cute fluffy bunny...who would you choose? Let's recall Brooklyn's FEAR of Mall Santa this past year. With that in mind I avoided the Mall Bunny.

We'd walk by and I'd point the Bunny out to Brooklyn and she's get excited to see the Bunny, but wouldn't walk closer then 20 ft. She'd observe from a distance and that would be about it. Although, here she wass dragging her Memaw thru the line to actually get an up close personal visit with the Bunny!

I kept telling my mom not to even bother because she would freak and scream when it came her turn and here was the result...

Shock to us all! She actually sat and didn't scream. She didn't smile and appeared to be stiff frozen, but she sat long enough to snap pictures and for the Mall to rob my Mom for her $19.99 to purchase their pics. But it was well worth it...we needed to really document the momentous event in Brooklyn's life. So Easter Bunny...you've one the heart of my Daughter! Santa, you've got some work to do...
P.S. Yes I am the mother that let her child walk around without any shoes that day, but in my defense, she's taken off her shoes to play in the park area (see previous post- vacancy) at the mall prior to taking off and dragging Memaw to the bunny. Even though this particular mall doesn't require it, my kiddo still insisted taking her shoes off to abide by the rules of the other malls. I wasn't gonna fight her on that. Hey, I gotta start picking my battles and I let her have that one.

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