Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hotel Del Stephenson finally has vacancy and is currently taking reservations! We said our last goodbyes to our Memaw and "Grandpa Howard Feldman" early this morning. Now I am having empty nest depression. (maybe we can get a puppy?!)

Memaw and Pepaw had a great visit with the Girls and I while Brett did his annual Boys trip to Vegas. I had a long To-Do list that I wanted to tackle down while they were here and they were both Great helping me get things checked off. I can't stress how much it SUCKS not having family close by. It's soo incredibly wonderful to have them here to spend time with us and to help out with the little things, especially just having an extra set of hands to help with the girls. I might just appreciate them soo much more because they do live so far away. Here are some of the pictures from our visit. Memaw was Brooklyn's best buddy while she was here, but Memaw still managed to get some good bonding time with Alexis.

Brooklyn took some time to warm up to Pepaw, but after a few days she stopped screaming :-). (nothing against Pepaw...Brooklyn's just in that phase....she tends to scowl and scream at strangers or adult men!) Here's proof that she did warm up to Pepaw Hojo....

I swear that I took a picture of Alexis and Pepaw, but I guess not. Sorry! I'll have to get one next time....maybe we'll get pictures with Alexis when Alexis and I finally get some pictures together! Haha.

So the countdown back to work begins. With nothing on the agenda and no other visitors I'll have the next few wks left to sit and play with my girls! (and blog again!) Not excited about going back to work...in fact I might cry thinking about it right now so subject dropped!

Don't miss all the additional posts that I did today and scroll down.....

oh and the answers to who's who.... Brooklyn Brooklyn Alexis Alexis. Good job Casey!

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