Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 years ago yesterday.....

the continutation....

Little did I know that Brian did decide to pass along my phone number to Brett. Surprised by a phone call, but remember the butterflies in my tummy when I discovered it was Brett on the phone. It was a casual conversation, typical getting to know you type of call. I poked and proded during the chat to find out more about him and his life. I recall talking about his family and learning about how he ended up in Arizona from North Dakota. We chatted about how I ended up attending ASU and why in 3 more weeks I would be moving back to Chicago to attend Nursing School. I asked about his dating history and the trend of "2 week wonder" came up. I danced around the topic of my dating situation, unsure of how to bring it up. After about an hour we started to close the conversation up and nervously I brought up the fact that at the time "I kinda sorta...have a boyfriend" He laughed and told me that he just wanted to call and chat just to get to know me, making it seem like he had known all along. I knew very well that at that moment after our conversation with the butterflies still lingering in the tummy that "kinda sorta" probably meant not for much longer. (Okay, in my defense, before you all draw conclusions that I was a bad girlfriend at the time...I wasn't. Let's also remind you I was only 20 years old. I was honest with my feelings and respectful towards others, and I'll just leave it at that.) I was drawn to Brett and he had me hooked. Brett had succeeded in sparking my interest. The next day about 10 years ago yesterday Brett called again to invite me and my girlfriends to hang out and go to a party with him and his friends. Tara, Nicole and I got dolled up and headed to his place to meet up with his friends. Kelly Heetland, someone I had known since my freshman year thru the sorority/fraternity connection, also Brett's best friend from the diaper years, was one of his friends we went out with. Brett was living with Travis Mantle and I remember meeting both Travis and Nicole (his girlfriend at the time, now his wife and still great friends of ours) for the first time that night. After hanging out at his place for a bit we headed to the party. Now I have to laugh because one of my fondest memories of Brett is the case of "ZIMA" he had in tow during the party. (Where can I buy Zima 10 years later?!) Lord, how he won me over with the Zima, I have NO IDEA! After the party we came back to my apartment and all hung out some more. I remember Kelly tooling around on my computer and we were all laughing over the scandolous websites he came across. We hugged goodbye as the night ended, but I think we both knew that it was truly just the beginning.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

A whole new world

Alexis is loving her new outlook on life from her Bumbo.

She's much more awake and aware of her surroundings. I can no longer just lay her in her crib and walk away knowing she'll fall asleep quickly. She's more mobile and doesn't stay in the position I left her in so it's taken a few trips back to her room to help her out if she lost her binkie or turns herself in some ackward position before she actually falls asleep. She's smiling and babbling. She'll even laugh when she's tickled.

Brooklyn's new buddy that's she likes to spend the day with is Elmo. She even insisted I take a picture of Elmo because he was smiling.

Brooklyn is talking non stop and for the most part it doesnt sound totally chinese to me. Spending all day long with her helps and it's not a struggle trying to interpret what she's saying. She put togther a sentence today and hollared out "MOM!, I can't reach the ball" Then the other day we were driving and said, "Mom, WOOK, BITCH!" Thankfully I knew enough to know there wasn't anyone inapproriate out the window, but instead there was a field of dirt that looked just like a beach (minus the water) Thankfully also we weren't in public. Although she announced "poopy" while we were sitting at lunch at a restaurant last weekend. And then a man with a white long beard walked by and she hollared out "Teetah!" Which is Brooklyn for Santa. Good thing the santa look a like had no idea teetah was in reference to him.

My return to work has gone smoothly. I was cancelled one of my first few shifts so it help to soften the blow. Truthfully I am glad to be back at work. Yes, I am tired, but so far its been manageable. I never thought I would say this, but I'm glad to be back to the working force. I go to my job and feel like I'm doing what I am meant to be doing in my life and then I come home to my girls and husband and feel just the same. Life is good! I haven't missed a step with the girls and still feel like I know my girls the best and that I'm still in control of raising them and being with them. I am home with them all day long and miss then only when they are sleeping. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful person to watch the girls when we do need. Hillary our nanny comes to help at least once a week and Brooklyn is totally fond of her.

She's been part-time nannying for us since last August. Brooklyn calls her "he-wee." She's always sitting on Hillary's lap or playing with Hillary when I come into the room. In fact, Brooklyn doesn't come running to me when I come into the room. That would normally bother me, but obviously that's a sign that Brooklyn is happy and content spending time with her. Having good help that I can trust also eased the transition back to work. So again, life is good. I'm thankful for a job and profession that allows me to still be the mommy and wife that I want to be.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Apparently having a 2 year old and a 4 month old will not stop the Stephensons from doing what we love best. We're booked to go to San Diego for a weekend and we just got out plane tickets to travel back to North Dakota this summer. We'll be driving to San Diego and flying to North Dakota. I'm interested to see which one will turn out less stressful and painful. 6 hours in a car, but the ability to stop the car and get out if needed OR only 2.5 hours trapped in a plane. Regardless, our ultimate destinations will be well worth it. Excited to see family again and excited to see the Pacific Ocean and it's beaches!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 years ago yesterday...

Our story continued.....

About a week after Brett and I first met I was asked to go out to Mesa to pick up Brian (mutual friend between Brett and I previously mentioned) and be his sober driver home. (See a trend here?) I drove Brian home in his car and on the way back towards campus he brings up Brett and asks me what I had thought. Confused by the question coming from left field I answered that he was nice, but attempted to leave it at that. Brian continues saying that Brett was very interested in me and was persistant on getting my number from Brian. I reminded Brian that I was dating someone at the time in which Brian's response was he just wanted to chat. There was a drunken remark quoting a popular song at the time of Brett telling Brian "She's like Whoa..." I laughed...and that was the end of the Brett conversation. Never did I think after that conversation we'd be where we're at 10 years later.

Little Fashionista

Never too young for some 3 inch heels....

Props to her for matching!!!!! Now we gotta work on getting the stilettos on the right foot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Sleep

Alright, I know that we're taught nowadays to always lay a baby on their back for sleep time.

I also know that you should never wake a sleeping baby.


We took the girls yesteday to a friends house for BBQ and pooltime. It's the first official dip they had taken in their pool and although the pool was still a bit chilly, it was great! Wonderful and refreshing. I didn't brave the water with Alexis past my waist really, but Brett and Brooklyn were all about it

Can you tell that Brooklyn doesn't know how to swim yet?! Time to start looking into swim lessons for our little fish. She's obsessed with Little Mermaid (not hard when it's mommy's favorite Disney cartoon) and calls Ariel "yay-yell" She picked out an Ariel swimsuit as well as matching Ariel shoes. She wore the whole ensemble the day before and requested to wear it all day yesterday even though we didn't hit the pool til later in the afternoon. I always thought the clothing made for kids showing popular cartoon characters were cheesy...still do, but my girl has proven to me that I'll give in to her. That's a battle I'll let her have.

Green Thumb

Proud to say that after 1 year our backyard still looks fabulous! We haven't killed the grass and we have only had to replace one plant! Kudos to Brett and me!

I don't think many people had any faith in us. In fact I don't think we did of our requests with the landscaper last year when he put our yard together was LOW maintenance. All down the the irrigation/drip system included. Too bad we can't have an automatic lawnmower.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 yrs ago yesterday...

So here's the story of how Brett and I first met.

One day my friend, Nicole, and I decided to blow off any studying we needed to do and go hang out with our guy friends Paul and Brian. If I recall correctly Brian and Paul were actually needing a sober ride somewhere (SURPRISE SURPRISE!). Nicole and I headed to Ahwahtukee to Brian's parents house. Brian and Paul were a few bud lights into the afternoon and were procrastinating on doing their taxes before the deadline. Brian needed to go pick up a tuxedo at the Men's Wearhouse in Ahwahtukee for a sorority function he would be going to the following night. We all tagged along. After picking up his tux the guys decided to make a pit stop across the parking lot at the El Paso BBQ restaurant. They were hoping to score some free beer at the bar where their fellow fraternity brother "Brett Stephenson" was working. I had always heard the name from the guys, but never before had I met him. I had to quickly remind the guys that I was underage and that we would be quickly booted from the bar. They both assured me that Brett wouldn't care to card me and that it would be a quick visit. So we stopped in the guys said their hello's and I was introduced. (I like to believe he was soo overwhelmed by my presence he forgot to card me even though I really only looked 12 at the time) We sat and socialized with Brett while he worked behind the bar. Brian and Brett were chatting about the next night and their plans to attend the sorority formal (mind you-not my sorority ). Brian was going with one of Brett's good friends, Kendra, and Brett was going with a girl named Sherry. I assumed that this Sherry girl was his girlfriend and thought nothing of it. I was enjoying my frosty beverage and apparently left a lasting impression when I asked Brett to bring me a straw since the mug it sat in was too heavy for me to pick up. Brett was attractive and I remember saying something of the sorts to Nicole, but that was about it. I wasn't interested since I was dating someone else as well as I had had plans to move back to Chicago the following month. Apparently Brett had other plans for us.....So that was our first meeting....10 years ago yesterday. To Be Continued.......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forgotten Pictures.

Pepaw Mike with all his grandkiddos....

The Stephenson's

From left to right. Rhonda, Brooklyn, Jamey, Marcus, Michael, Mike, Brett, Mae, and Alexis.

These pictures were from early March when they all came from North Dakota. I stole them from Rhonda's Facebook....I love these pictures because it's not often that we all get together. Although, looks like we'll be making a trip up there this summer. Dakota, hope you are ready for both my girls!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing up fast.....

Alexis rolled from her tummy to her back today. Ughh....why do they grow big so fast. We attempted the bumbo chair last Friday and thankfully she's not quite ready for that yet! SLOW DOWN CHILD! She does love sitting up right and see the world around her in a new position, but needs lots of propping with blankets to do so.

Her big sister on the otherhand needs to have out grown the bumbo chair, but she's proving otherwise and insists that the chair can be used for her.

When used somewhat properly the girls can both enjoy story time.

Brooklyn likes it when Alexis holds the book for her...

This must be a really funny story cause Alexis is getting a kick out of it!

Part of growing up comes potty training. I'll spare you the details of our potty training events at home, but will share with you that Brooklyn has taken steps in the right direction and went poopy in her potty! This I did not take pictures of (your welcome). We celebrated with lots and lots of candy!!! I offered to pack her up right after the big moment to take her to McDonalds for an ice cream cone, but she declined and was quite content with handfuls of jelly beans. I was quite shocked when she refused ice cream because just like her Mommy she's quite the sucker for ice cream.

As much as I'm not ready to continue the training, my child seems to want to force the issue. (I HATE HATE HATE public restrooms so the thought of having to encourage Brooklyn to go potty while out in public disgusts me! That's why I'm in no hurry to potty train. I better get over it I guess. Go figure that I just had 12 weeks off and the week I go back to work Brooklyn decides to show a renewed interest in the potty. So our road to a diaperless child continues.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Caring for lil Sis!

Brooklyn loves it when both Alexis and I wake her up from her nap and insists that Alexis come lay in her crib with her. She then likes to tuck her sister in and pretend it's now her nap time.

Then she makes sure that Alexis gets cuddle time with "MoMo" (elmo)

And Alexis isn't a fan of any of this...

And a few more pictures for good measure from Brooklyn's play class this morning....

After class we met up with Anjee, Will, and Ella for lunch. And then headed back home for nap time. Starting tomorrow nap time is going to be back to being extremely essential at our house. Back to work for me! I hope my patients are ready for me!!! I am re-energized and ready! I wonder how long my positive attitude will last :)...probably til right after I get report.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who are you?!

We've had 30,000 visitors to our blog, and many more page views. As the number keeps climbing I am more inspired to continue updating the site. Makes me think someone out there actually cares about us and what I have to say :). When I look and track the visitors I'm baffled by those who read this site from states and places I don't know a single soul. So if you're one of those people that have come across my blog via blog stalking...which if you know me you know I am incredibly guilty of myself....let me know! Post a comment and tell me who you are and how you found us.

I've also learned from the many posts that it's blogging sin to not include a picture of some sort on each post. I took some bath pictures of Alexis the other day that I'll share now in order to not commit sin. Although the girls look different, there are so many times I think they look soo much alike when Brooklyn was Alexis's age. See for yourselves!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brooklyn and Alexis had an imprompty play date this morning at our house. It was great. Brooklyn played incredibly with the others and wasn't attached to my legs as well as she shared her toys and I didn't hear the word "mine" come from her mouth even once! SCORE! I was too busy chatting with my friends and fellow mommies that I didn't capture many pictures....but here are the ones I did.

Brooklyn and Amaya also had a playdate on Tuesday. We got together for a "Meet the Creature" event thru Chandler Rec Center. They were introduced to a few furry creatures that they got up and close and personal with.

I'm not a fan of big rodents so I stayed away....but Brooklyn was all about the guniea (sp?) pig. They also had a pantagonia (I think that's what it was called) that looked like a cross of a coyote and kangaroo and jack rabbit. When she told me it was a large size rodent found mainly in Australia I got the hebby gibbies. Yuck! And they let the thing roam free thru the room like it was a domesticated dog. Even more YUCK.

I am scheduled to go back to work Saturday night and I never thought I would hear myself say so, but I think I am ready to go back. Don't get me wrong...I love love love being home with the girls and loved being classified as a stay at home mommy for the last 3 months. I enjoyed having time to actually cook,prepare, and plan meals. I loved days where there was no agenda. I loved that my house was picked up and clean (for the most part). I loved being able to hang out with friends and have playdates. I loved going to bed every night by 1030 and being on a "daytime schedule" The best part of my job is that I still get to have most all those things. I get to be a Nurse and a part time stay at home Mommy! With working nights I still have my days, I'll of course be tired but I've got great help with a wonderful part time Nanny (who gives me personal training and weight loss advice) and a wonderful Daddy. I work when my kiddos are asleep for the most part so I won't be missing anytime with them and it's only 3 times a week. So these are the things that I keep telling myself in mental preparation for work. I hope to not cry and I know that since the girls will be with their Daddy that'll help the emotional factor. Alexis has been sleeping from 10 til 6 am for the past few nights and seems to be getting a bit more consistent. That also helps with being ready to go back to work. 8 hrs of sleep last night, who can ask for anything more!!! It's her way of telling me she's okay with me going back to work. She doesn't need me all night long anymore. So I am ready to go back and join the work force. Excited for this new adventure of having 2 little ones at home while still working full time. All while only having part time nanny help. I'm ready to bring home the bacon!!! Excited to replenish my bank account. I'm sure Brett's excited to not have to replenish it himself anymore. So hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go on Saturday! Good thing I love my job and love the work that I do otherwise I'd protesting to no end to stay at home to be with the girls!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

In spirit of the holiday Brooklyn wore her bunny slippers (compliments of MeMaw) last night.

We slept in this morning and had our traditional pancake Sunday breakfast and then went to hang out in the backyard only to find that the Easter Bunny surprised the girls by hiding eggs all throughout the yard.

I was wondering if Brooklyn would catch on to the concept of the Easter Egg Hunt, but it didn't take her long before she was tearing through the yard finding one treat after another.

She did take a break at one moment when she discovered that some of the eggs had candy in them and she needed her morning sugar fix. Then she was back at it again.

She was probably thinking why don't we do this every morning!? Hopefully she's not too disappointed tomorrow morning when there are no eggs to be hunted.

Alexis enjoyed the morning all from the comforts of her chair. She was not forgotten though and the Bunny brought her her own basket with a fluffy cuddly bear.

Brooklyn enjoyed opening all her eggs and finding all her new treats and goodies. Daddy especially appreciated all the new stickers she got!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! We're certainly are! We plan on joining our neighbors for dessert once the girls get up from their naps and having a nice family evening later!