Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

In spirit of the holiday Brooklyn wore her bunny slippers (compliments of MeMaw) last night.

We slept in this morning and had our traditional pancake Sunday breakfast and then went to hang out in the backyard only to find that the Easter Bunny surprised the girls by hiding eggs all throughout the yard.

I was wondering if Brooklyn would catch on to the concept of the Easter Egg Hunt, but it didn't take her long before she was tearing through the yard finding one treat after another.

She did take a break at one moment when she discovered that some of the eggs had candy in them and she needed her morning sugar fix. Then she was back at it again.

She was probably thinking why don't we do this every morning!? Hopefully she's not too disappointed tomorrow morning when there are no eggs to be hunted.

Alexis enjoyed the morning all from the comforts of her chair. She was not forgotten though and the Bunny brought her her own basket with a fluffy cuddly bear.

Brooklyn enjoyed opening all her eggs and finding all her new treats and goodies. Daddy especially appreciated all the new stickers she got!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! We're certainly are! We plan on joining our neighbors for dessert once the girls get up from their naps and having a nice family evening later!

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