Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing up fast.....

Alexis rolled from her tummy to her back today. Ughh....why do they grow big so fast. We attempted the bumbo chair last Friday and thankfully she's not quite ready for that yet! SLOW DOWN CHILD! She does love sitting up right and see the world around her in a new position, but needs lots of propping with blankets to do so.

Her big sister on the otherhand needs to have out grown the bumbo chair, but she's proving otherwise and insists that the chair can be used for her.

When used somewhat properly the girls can both enjoy story time.

Brooklyn likes it when Alexis holds the book for her...

This must be a really funny story cause Alexis is getting a kick out of it!

Part of growing up comes potty training. I'll spare you the details of our potty training events at home, but will share with you that Brooklyn has taken steps in the right direction and went poopy in her potty! This I did not take pictures of (your welcome). We celebrated with lots and lots of candy!!! I offered to pack her up right after the big moment to take her to McDonalds for an ice cream cone, but she declined and was quite content with handfuls of jelly beans. I was quite shocked when she refused ice cream because just like her Mommy she's quite the sucker for ice cream.

As much as I'm not ready to continue the training, my child seems to want to force the issue. (I HATE HATE HATE public restrooms so the thought of having to encourage Brooklyn to go potty while out in public disgusts me! That's why I'm in no hurry to potty train. I better get over it I guess. Go figure that I just had 12 weeks off and the week I go back to work Brooklyn decides to show a renewed interest in the potty. So our road to a diaperless child continues.


Nichole and Noelle said...

umm I know you aren't into the public restrooms thingy, but I'm sure you have (or atleast know)about the portable potty seat right? there was a Mom I knew who was sure nuff crafty and made the cutest water proof bag for the potty seat...so it made the public restroom use scenario that much more lovely!! the girls are looking cuter than ever!!!! I wanna kiss em and hug em, and eat em up!!! lol, adorable babies guys!

The West Family said...

Everything you just posted is exactly like our house...Kate wants to sit in the bumbo, she has the same sandals as Brooklyn, she reads to Sophie, she got ice cream when potty training. Are you blogging about your girls or mine?