Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brooklyn and Alexis had an imprompty play date this morning at our house. It was great. Brooklyn played incredibly with the others and wasn't attached to my legs as well as she shared her toys and I didn't hear the word "mine" come from her mouth even once! SCORE! I was too busy chatting with my friends and fellow mommies that I didn't capture many pictures....but here are the ones I did.

Brooklyn and Amaya also had a playdate on Tuesday. We got together for a "Meet the Creature" event thru Chandler Rec Center. They were introduced to a few furry creatures that they got up and close and personal with.

I'm not a fan of big rodents so I stayed away....but Brooklyn was all about the guniea (sp?) pig. They also had a pantagonia (I think that's what it was called) that looked like a cross of a coyote and kangaroo and jack rabbit. When she told me it was a large size rodent found mainly in Australia I got the hebby gibbies. Yuck! And they let the thing roam free thru the room like it was a domesticated dog. Even more YUCK.

I am scheduled to go back to work Saturday night and I never thought I would hear myself say so, but I think I am ready to go back. Don't get me wrong...I love love love being home with the girls and loved being classified as a stay at home mommy for the last 3 months. I enjoyed having time to actually cook,prepare, and plan meals. I loved days where there was no agenda. I loved that my house was picked up and clean (for the most part). I loved being able to hang out with friends and have playdates. I loved going to bed every night by 1030 and being on a "daytime schedule" The best part of my job is that I still get to have most all those things. I get to be a Nurse and a part time stay at home Mommy! With working nights I still have my days, I'll of course be tired but I've got great help with a wonderful part time Nanny (who gives me personal training and weight loss advice) and a wonderful Daddy. I work when my kiddos are asleep for the most part so I won't be missing anytime with them and it's only 3 times a week. So these are the things that I keep telling myself in mental preparation for work. I hope to not cry and I know that since the girls will be with their Daddy that'll help the emotional factor. Alexis has been sleeping from 10 til 6 am for the past few nights and seems to be getting a bit more consistent. That also helps with being ready to go back to work. 8 hrs of sleep last night, who can ask for anything more!!! It's her way of telling me she's okay with me going back to work. She doesn't need me all night long anymore. So I am ready to go back and join the work force. Excited for this new adventure of having 2 little ones at home while still working full time. All while only having part time nanny help. I'm ready to bring home the bacon!!! Excited to replenish my bank account. I'm sure Brett's excited to not have to replenish it himself anymore. So hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go on Saturday! Good thing I love my job and love the work that I do otherwise I'd protesting to no end to stay at home to be with the girls!!!

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