Friday, April 2, 2010

Social Hour

Once a week I take Brooklyn to a play class at the Chandler Rec center.

We do this to get us out of the house and to make sure Brooklyn learns to play well with others :). Since she doesn't go to day care I think it's important she does this so she learns other kids her age exist! At this age, it's more like Monkey see Monkey do type of play rather then interactive play with each other. She likes going, but social she is not...she's learning!

Here she is about to have a panic attack when this lil boy wanted to play in the balls with her.

I don't think the 45 mins that they give them to play really allows them to fully engage and socialize. Right about the time that she starts to warm up and play with the other kiddos, it's time to go. OH well, she's getting exposed to other kids and we're all getting out of the house! This is what Alexis gets to do while Big Sister plays with the toys.

Brooklyn tries desperately to really play and interact with her little sister. And loves when she can get her to smile back at her. She's learning how to share her toys....all of them!

And then she makes a great game out of it called, Where's Sheasis?!

Daddy to the Rescue, and Sheasis...without a complaint in the world!

As you can see, we do need to get out of the house and get Brooklyn playing with kids more her age :). At least until Alexis is old enough to defend herself! Until then we can't leave Brooklyn alone with her little sister because who knows what kind of trouble she'll talk her into!

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Riecke's said...

I finally got caught up on your blog. Seriously, this is pathetic! That I am seeing the girls and the house in pictures. At least you made it to Will's party. What's next? Hurry! I'm withdrawing. The girls are so cute. Love the room. It's so pretty! I love ya and miss you!