Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who are you?!

We've had 30,000 visitors to our blog, and many more page views. As the number keeps climbing I am more inspired to continue updating the site. Makes me think someone out there actually cares about us and what I have to say :). When I look and track the visitors I'm baffled by those who read this site from states and places I don't know a single soul. So if you're one of those people that have come across my blog via blog stalking...which if you know me you know I am incredibly guilty of myself....let me know! Post a comment and tell me who you are and how you found us.

I've also learned from the many posts that it's blogging sin to not include a picture of some sort on each post. I took some bath pictures of Alexis the other day that I'll share now in order to not commit sin. Although the girls look different, there are so many times I think they look soo much alike when Brooklyn was Alexis's age. See for yourselves!

1 comment:

Holly and Bo said...

I stalk your blog. I know you through Glenn and Talia Nutting. I think you've heard about us too as my son was born 2 months early and stayed 30 days in the NICU at Banner Gateway. I love to read your blog. You have a talent for writing. Also, we are now expecting our second child (will be 17 months apart) so it's encouraging to see others with kids close in age. :) BTW, your dog cracks me up.