Saturday, May 29, 2010

San Diego Pictures...

I finally have a few free moments and a working computer to post a few pictures from our recent trip. Enjoy!!!

Brooklyn and her Birthday Cupcake.... YUM!


Passed out after a FUN day at Seaworld...

Wandering Seaport Village....

Dodging the waves and the water at the Beach....

Making Sandcastles and falling alseep to the sounds of the waves crashing...

Splish Splashing poolside....

Visiting with Andy who was sweet enough to drive down and see us for a few hours.

And a few other random shots....

Keri and her little boy Noah are also in town right now visiting so we're hoping for some more great pictures and stories to share soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Our baby girl turned 2 on Sunday!!!!

We celebrated by taking a family vacation to San Diego over the weekend. We left Saturday morning and stayed in Coronado Island coming home late Monday night. It was all about BROOKLYN all weekend long. Seaport Village, shopping, Seaworld, swimming (thankfully in a heated pool since it was only mid 60s), and beach fun! Brett and I love going to Coronado when we visit San Diego and this was our 2nd trip to the Loews Resort. We stayed there last year as well. Brooklyn enjoyed her actual birthday on Sunday. We went to Seaworld, Brett took her swimming that afternoon, and that evening we sang her Happy Birthday as she enjoyed her special pink strawberry cupcake. She even opened up a few presents that night. A new barbie, and cooking toys for her new Kitchen set she got later when we came home from out trip. I think Brett and I may have been even more excited to celebrate her birthday then she even was. We get sooo tickled by seeing her so excited over everything and anything that day. The treats, the animals at seaworld, the gifts, swimming.... She loves to say "wow" over all the new and exciting things and her expression is just priceless. Absolutely melts our hearts.

This is what our baby girl has accomplished over the past year.
-up to 24.8 lbs in weight (still hanging at 25th percentile)
-33.5 inches tall (25-50th percentile)
-traveled to Florida
-traveled to San Diego
-visited Disneyworld
-played at Seaworld
-touched the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as well as Pacific Ocean
-Welcomed a new baby sister
-when her sister cries she goes up to her and says, "was a madder purdy guurhl?" (what's a matter pretty girl?"
-loves her classes she takes at the Chandler Rec Center
-loves to dance and has dance parties in the kitchen with Mommy
-can and will repeat anything you say
-knows all the colors of the rainbow and then some, although doesn't quite name them appropriately ALL the time, but is definitely not color blind because she likes to color coordinate her toys and lines them up accordingly.
-can say all her numbers, but not necessarily in the correct order :)
-tells you she is "two" when you ask how old she is and holds up the peace sign with her fingers to show you.
-knows most all major common zoo/farm animal and the sounds it makes
-favorite Nickelodeon characters are Dora and Kai-lan
-favorite Disney characters are the Little Mermaid and Lilo & Stitch, but Pinnochio is coming up close to taking a front seat in the favorite department.
-can climb the stairs independently
-her BFF is still Deuce, but they have a rocky love hate relationship...Brooklyn's learned how to effectively yell at him when he gets into something he's not supposed to, especially her meals and tells him to go outside. She loves to give him a hard time as well and chases after him giggling saying "i'm gonna getcha!"
-she gravitates towards anything and everything puppy
-meal times are hit or miss. Typical Toddler can't got wrong with blueberries though! This girl will eat blueberries for every meal if you let her.
-can use a spoon and fork, but would much rather eat with her fingers.
-started the potty training process.
-sleeps in her crib in her room from about 830-930 at night til about 730 til 8 am
-takes one afternoon nap
-had 2 minor illnesses (an ear infection requiring antibiotics and periorbital cellulitus)
-identifies all major modes of transportation correctly (car, bus, truck, train, boat, plane, and helicopter), but is funny when she does so because she'll point and say "was at? (what's that?)" and will answer her own question, followed by the sound it makes.
-loves walking into a new place and sayin, "sooo beautiful"
-will pet deuce and say "sooo cute"
-tries to be as independent as mommy and daddy will allow her to, refusing to sit in a stroller, refusing to hold our hand while walking, wants to buckle herself into the car seat, etc....
-plays hide and seek whenever mommy or daddy come home.
-tells us, "bye, c yah!, lub you" when we leave the house.
-when we pull into a Chase parking lot, she says, "Daddy working?"
-she's had one haircut, and hated it!
-sings along to itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus, and I have 2 hands...
-scowls to any adult stranger, especically males.
-can do a somersault with assistance
-can walk the balance beam
-loves screaming "arms up" when we take any major bumps or hills whle driving (like it's a roller coaster ride)
-gives the best hugs
-throws out flying kisses.
-is perfect in everyway!!!

I unfortunately don't have any pictures loaded up yet to the computer. I have alot of pictures from the past week to catch up on. I'm no longer a mommy in the club of
"2 under 2" and I'm thinking that this new club I have entered "2 kiddos, 2 and under" might be a little bit more time consuming. I've had lots to do with packing for our trip (it's amazing all the stuff you have to think about and load up for a 2 day weekend getaway when you little ones...thankfully we have an armada to fit it all in) as well as clean, work full time, and play with my little ones, and get some good quality time with the Hubbie. I did capture all these great and wonderful moments on film that I can't wait to share with everyone....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Isaac Phillip Dio

Congrats to my brother, Andro and his wifey, Rachelle on the birth of their first baby boy! I am a proud Auntie of another handsome nephew. They welcomed Isaac earlier this evening. Happy Birthday Buddy! I am very excited for them and the new adventure ahead of them. Lock up your daughters!!! He's a cutie! I can't wait to meet him in person.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pancake Sunday

We continue our tradition of pancakes on Sundays at the Stephenson household. I've gotten better at making the pancakes and Brooklyn has gotten better at eating them. She's gone from picking out and only eating the blueberries to actually eating the whole thing.

Brooklyn's going through phases where she'll eat and she'll eat just about anything to where she doesn't eat at all. I can't stress about it...apparently it's pretty common with toddlers. She's otherwise doing well. She's talking up a storm coming up with sentences all the time. Developing her personality and is WONDERFUL with Alexis. She's turning 2 in a week and I just can't believe it!!! Where has the time gone?!

Alexis is doing great. She's babbling a bunch now and everytime we go to pick her up from her crib she smiles at us. She's so darn cute and I can't help bt let her nap with me in my bed because I just can't get enough of her. I love being woke up by her cooing and babbling and I don't even mind her little feet kicking at me.

She's my snuggle buddy. Brooklyn only likes to snuggle with me when we watch movies but I'll take what I can get!!!

Different Point of View

We had Hillary come for over Weds afternoon for the evening and Brett took a half day at work so we can celebrate our Anniversary. We went to an afternoon movie and then Brett took me here for dinner....

He wined and dined me at the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs. The restaurant there is called Different Point of View and we had an incredible dinner. We enjoyed our time by ourselves and sat there enjoying the view, our drinks, the food, and the company of each other. It was a perfect evening!!!

The traditional anniversary gift for 3 years of marriage is leather. I got him golf shoes and he got me a Gucci. Boy oh Boy does my Hubbie knows how to really spoil me!!!

Cruising the streets of Chandler....

(pics compliments of Becky's blog...THANKS!)
One of Brooklyn's bestest friends is Amaya.

The other day Brooklyn went to Amaya's house to play and Amaya took her out cruising the streets....
Here there are...looks like Brooklyn's scared and holding on for her dear life....

Much Better....driving on the sidewalk, staying away from trouble!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take me there......

3 years ago....

when we vowed our lives together....

in front of family and friends...

and for the rest of our lives, Brett and I will continue this dance together....

In the 3 years that we have been blissfully married we have parented 3 kiddos (1 dog, 2 beautiful girls). We have lived in 3 different zipcodes. Same home, but they've managed to change the zip codes on us 3 times. We continue to establish our home together one room at a time and since our wedding date we have painted and re-furnished 3 different rooms. Including the home we live in we continue to pay the mortgage on 3 different properties, thankfully we have renters! Although Brett has had to replace 3 different tenants due to their inability to pay and afford rent. We have owned 3 different makes of vehicles. Our cars have reliably taken us to and from work. Brett has worked for 3 different companies: West USA Realty, JP Morgan Chase, and University of Phoenix. He has worked at 3 different branches with Chase. I continue to work as a RN for Banner and have worked at 3 different Banner facilities (Banner Mesa, Banner Children's, and Banner Gateway). I work full time 3 nights a week. Working 3 nights a week has allowed me to keep our girls out of daycare, but we have relied on 3 different sitters (Lily, Amy, and Hillary)to come to the house to watch the girls. During our time off Brett and I have managed to travel just the two of us to 3 new places, St. Lucia, Boston, and New York. We also managed 3 vacations with Brooklyn to the Midwest(for Andro's Bayfield wedding while also seeing family in Fargo), Clearwater, and San Diego. Out of all the vacations we've taken since our marriage 3 of them have been roadtrips together. During our vacations we have managed to see baseball games in 3 different major league ball parks (Wrigley, Fenway, and Yankee Stadium). Since after our wedding our home has been open to many out of town family and friend visits. Jamey, Rhonda and the boys have even managed to visit us all together on 3 seperate occasions. While our parents have come too many times to count. We've welcomed many new additions into our circle of friends and family. From our wedding party, 3 of Brett's groomsmen became first time Daddies (Kelly, Brady, and Andro) and 3 of my bridesmaids became first time Mommies (Nicole, Keri, and Nichole). I have even help host baby showers for 3 dear friends of mine. In the "downtime" of the 3 years of marriage we have enjoyed many hours of watching 1 of the 3 TVs we own. We've purchased 3 different DVD sets of TV series (Sopranos, The Office, and Dexter). The 3 seasons of Dexter has been our favorite. 3 is probably the number of times I have won against Brett in Scrabble. 3 is probably the number of times Brett has beat me when we raced to complete a game of Suduko. As you can see our 3 years of marriage have been full of incredible memories. I'd love for someone to take me back 3 years to re-live that day all over again.