Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 years ago yesterday....

Brett and I continued to talk over the phone after our night hanging out with our friends. We kept it casual over the next few days. We both had finals to prepare for and kept busy studying, but in the bigger picture I was counting the days down and packing up to make my move back to Chicago and Brett was counting the days til his graduation from ASU. We finally found time to hang out again and 10 years ago yesterday Brett had taken me on our first official date together. He picked me up at my apartment by campus, met my good friend Clint Bean, who had been over hanging out at the apartment with my roommates and I prior. Clint even took our first official picture together to document our first date.

I love that we have this picture together and that I can look back at it 10 years later and know what we were wearing, what we looked like, and recall the fond memories.

Brett made plans to take me to Oreganos in Scottsdale, a all-time favorite of mine for dinner. We drove to dinner and had a wonderful time getting to know each other even more. Since that night Oreganos has remained near and dear to my heart keeping incredibly fond memories. In fact, 7 years later we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at the very same spot that we went on our first date.

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Happy Anniversary. Nice computer!