Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Imaginations!

Reminder of what Brooklyn's Memaw looks like....

Hard to tell she's a Grandma (I hope those genes were passed onto me!) and I think that's why she likes to come watch the girls so Brett and I can take a trip somewhere. I don't doubt that she takes them around and people think she's Mommy. Especially since Brooklyn would call me Mae while we were out in public, so most probably thought Memaw was the Mom. This is the only grandma Brooklyn has actually referenced. At no point did I ever teach her what a "traditional (for lack of better words) grandma" looks like. So the other day while reading her books I laughed hysterically when she started to point at the older lady in this picture and said "Memaw!"

OH Kids! Gotta love them! Sorry Memaw, this is apparently what you look like to Brooklyn.

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