Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy "Mae" Day

As Brooklyn would call it since she likes to call me Mae rather then Mom, it's Happy Mae Day. I had to work this weekend so it was a quick morning with the family. Traditional Sunday Pancakes, but the difference this week is that Brett made them (sorta, I took over when I saw him try to cook the pancakes on the highest heat setting on the stove....I think he thought it would cook quicker this way). Regardless it was a wonderful morning. I was surprised by a bouquet of Tulips, musical hallmark cards picked out by Brooklyn and a Willow Tree figurine from the girls.

Since I had to return back to work I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon sleeping. I got up later to Brett doing yardwork, laundry and childcare duties! He even made dinner by marinating steaks and bbqing. We had an awesome dinner on the patio enjoying the early evening weather. We topped off the meal with some carrot cake and I had to take off to work. So despite work putting a damper on my Mommy day, Brett and the Girls still managed to make it a wonderful day for me.
Sending warm wishes to all the mommies out there. What an incredible feeling it is to be a Mother. And to my own Mother....thanks for setting an excellent example of motherhood.

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