Thursday, May 6, 2010

License to Drive

Daddy came home with an AWESOME surprise....tucked away in the back of the Armada was
Brooklyn's first set of wheels....nope not a Smart Car or Mini cooper (which both could probably fit in the back) but a Dora Jeep!!!

She got a driving lesson from Daddy, but hasn't quite grasped the steering and pushing down on the gas pedal yet, instead she's having fun just climibing in and out of it. We're okay with that for now....we're not ready to have another driver in the family yet.

Deuce is glad she hasn't quite firgured it out yet. I think he senses some torturing in the near future. I can already picture Brooklyn trying to run him down in her Jeep.
Everyone needs a picture by their very first car....

THANK YOU Miss Taylor (and her parents) for the AWESOME Dora Jeep and Cinderella Bike! We'll take great care of them!!!

Speaking of new rides. While driving the Mercedes the other day I rolled this....

Yikes! For only being 5 years old our ride has a few too many miles on it.... Maybe I'll start taking the Dora Jeep to work....actually it wouldn't be a bad idea for Brett either since he only has to go about 1 mile. Wouldn't you just LOVE to see Brett rolling down the road in a Dora Jeep decked out in his Chase uniform?

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