Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brooklyn's Summer To Do List....

-Get rid of Puppy Binkie
(haven't even attempted this due to other items on the list taking priority)

-Potty Train
(was going to wait until after our plane trips and vacations, but Brooklyn's been anti-diaper wearing lately which makes it challenging, but this is still a working progress!)

-Transition to Toddler Bed COMPLETE
(Brooklyn called the shots on this one. She was way ready before we were and after 2 nights of crying fits of rage, throwing herself over the crib rail, and sleeping at the doorway, we managed to find a happy place in her big girl bed! UGHHH, why does she have to grow up so quickly?!)

-Visit Family
(North Dakota/Minnesota Trip COMPLETE. What a wonderful time we had with everyone. Pics and Post to follow....)
(Chicago Trip in July....pending.)

-Learn to recite the Alphabet
(She's getting there and loves to sing the song with some guidance.)

-Count to 10!
(The other day I caught her quietly playing and counting in her own. She got up to 8, but I asked her to do it again, and of course not.)

-Have Fun!
(ON GOING!!!!)

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