Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend. I worked Friday night and Brett worked Saturday afternoon. I had a few appts for the girls Saturday and then afterwards we all headed out for 2 birthday parties! Then after that the Rieckes joined us for pizza at the house. All this on no sleep since Thursday, I am impressed I just didn't fall over.

For Dad's day Brett spent the early morning playing golf with his buddies. Came home to some Scotcheroos that the Girls and I had made him. Brooklyn and Alexis wanted to get him a new putter to help with his golf game and since we don't know much about golf we decided to just have him pick it out so that's where we headed after nap time and before dinner. We enjoyed a yummy steak meal with some nice red wine for dinner, Brooklyn enjoyed the meal with her milk, and Alexis drooled over herself watching us enjoy our meal.

It was a great weekend and I hope Brett enjoyed his Daddy day as much as we enjoyed it. We even put 2 candles in his scotcheroos, in honor of the 2 years of parenting for him to blow out.... We're really into blowing candles lately since Brooklyn just had a birthday and we celebrated Deuce's and Pike's birthdays recently!

I didn't capture any pictures from the weekend. My bad! Although we did hit a few milestones with both girls. Brooklyn managed to sing the alphabet...the letters are slurred together especially the "lmnop" part....which is partly my fault since I sing it slurred to be funny. She sounds like someone who was intoxicated would sing it, but we understood what she was saying and it was another proud Mommy Daddy moment. And Miss Alexis has started to sit up unsupported. Of course we have to be within arms reach of her doing so because at any moment she can topple over, but she's getting stronger and better at it.

So Happy Fathers day to my babies Daddy!!! The girls are the so blessed and lucky to have such an incredible man in their life. He's setting the bar high for any potential suitors for them (MANY years from now) and they'll grow up with high expectations of how to be treated and what to expect from a husband and father.

Happy Father's day also to Hojo....thanks for always being a father to me, raising me, and your unconditional love (especially during my teenage years...hehehe). I hope you enjoyed your day as well.

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