Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Deucer-s

(I like to throw in the "s" after his name just like Brooklyn likes to call him)
Our big guy turns 5 today!

You'd think after 5 years he'd mellow out a bit, but nope...he's still the puppy he was when we first got him...just potty trained....thanks to a doggie door. He's either sleeping or playing and he plays hard! He'll run back and forth in the hallway, up and down the bed, or circles outside in the back yard. He'll run even harder once he see's he's gotten a reaction outta one of us, especially Brooklyn who laughs and say "Doos-ers Funny!" He'll help himself to ice cubes in the dispenser on the freezer door, which is great for him during the hot summer months, but irritating to me when he doesn't get all the ice off the floor and lets it melt for me to later slip on the puddle. Despite his "moments" he's absolutely the greatest. He likes to cuddle up at night, either on top of one of us (mostly Brett) or wedged inbetween us. I think these are the moments we cherish most. He brings constant entertainment to our world and the best unconditional love. He's a great big bro to the girls and the best son we can ever ask for :). Happy Birthday BUBS!

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