Sunday, July 25, 2010

6 Months

Last Friday our little munchkin turned 6 months. She's at that perfect stage where she's really starting to interact and be very aware of her surroundings. She really reacts to any attention she gets by giving us HUGE smiles and flailing her legs and arms around with excitement. She likes to play with toys now, specifically ANYthing that she can wrap her tiny little hands around and get in her mouth. I love seeing her eyes get big with wonderment when Brooklyn plays with her toys by her and then she'll reach out to try and get a piece of whatever toy Brooklyn's playing with. Alexis sits up very well and is working on being very mobile, but thankfully doesn't get too far. I finally started her on Rice cereal a few weeks ago and when we got back to AZ from our recent trip to Chicago I made her baby food and started her on her Veggies. So far she's had Squash, Green Beans and Carrots. She's getting better with her sleep schedule and naps. Not the greatest napper, but a little is better then none right? We still can't believe our baby is 6 months old already....ughh if my efforts to convince Brett for just one more would work seeing Alexis grow big and old wouldn't be soooo bad!

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