Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earning our Wings

The biggest obstacle I thought I would have during our recent vacation to Chicago would be having to fly there with both girls by myself. I was worked up and anxious for weeks just thinking about how I would even manage. I am very pleased to report that the girls and I survived the trip.

Alexis managed to not be the crying baby on the plane (no mishaps requring outfits or diaper changes also...pheww!) Brooklyn behaved, not a tear or tantrum of any sort, and listened to Mommy (with the help of snacks, candy and new toys that were dispersed slowly throughout the flight) and Mommy managed to not have a panic or anxiety attack! I was even complimented at the end of our flight about how well the girls did. My favorite moment of the whole plane trip was right as we pulled up to the gate and I was gathering our bags to de-board I looked over to find this....

Go figure she waits til we're about to get off the plane to actually take a nap! Thankfully she woke up easily and I didn't have to try and carry both girls as well as our belongings off the plane!

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