Sunday, July 25, 2010

Issac's Baptism

The main reason for our recent trip to Chicago was to meet and love on our new nephew, Isaac. We planned the trip so we can also be there for his Baptism.

Here are the proud parents and god-parents (I get the guilt trip ALL the time from Memaw about my girls not being baptized yet...but that's a whole other Blog entry)

The girls got to meet their new cousin Isaac and Memaw and Pepaw were able to have all 3 of their Grandkiddos together..

The girls traveled SOOOO well and just had an absolute blast!
Playing with each other

Uncle Ro Ro teaching the girls how to play the piano...

Brooklyn playing with her new fun and much more mature friend/cousin "tita ria"

Alexis meeting extended family and LOVED being held by everyone and anyone....
Carol (Auntie Rey-Rey's mommy)

Tine (Isaac's Godmommy and cousin of Auntie Rey Rey)

Pictures are courtesy of Andro....(I haven't even gotten a free moment at home to be able to download all 150 pictures from our trip so you'll have to check back for more blogs of our recent vacation....)

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