Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pre Historic Times....

We're living life as we did way back in the day (maybe 10 years ago!) without internet and computer access. (nevermind having blackberry's with's just not the same) So that's why the lack of blogging and pictures. Annoyed that this is the 2nd time in 2 months that we are having computer issues. Getting it fixed and thankfully we're okay not having it right now and Brett's not having to teach classes right now.

Here's our update. We had a WONDERFUL July 4th weekend. Visiting with friends and having great family time. I only had to work 1 night of the last 7. I got a girls night out to see Eclipse on Friday (LOVED IT!) and loved hanging out with great girlfriends.

Alexis started rice cereal the other night. I was trying to postpone until after our trip to Chicago to get started, but we've been having issues with her sleeping thru the night that I thought maybe this ought to help. I know she's going thru a growth spurt and with her new "talents" she's keeping herself up at night so we're looking to try anything that works. She loves her rice cereal and even more so, she loves that she gets food at dinner time now instead of having to just watch us eat. We're totally in love with her and love watching her grow and interact with us. She's always intrigued by what Brooklyn is doing and is quite entertained watching her play and has started to play along with her. She loves Deuce and will open her mouth up wide and stick her toungue out to get him to kiss her when he's nearby...yes, I know disgusting, but funny at the same time.

Brooklyn's just keeps on amazing us everyday. Singing her alphabet and started to pick up lyrics to songs we sing her. LOVES to color and loves Play-Doh. I invested in a Dust Buster last investment in a while!!! Play-Doh is soo messy! Now if I can only get her to use it. I did teach her how to help me clean all the glass panels in out house that she gets her hand prints and finger prints all over. She likes to spray the windex while I do the wiping. Mommy's little helper!!! Training her well!

The girls and I are going to Chicago for a family visit next Friday. WAHOO!!! It'll just be the 3 of us and Brett will have to survive without us (He recently purchased a new XBOX game, so I think he'll be fine) I, on the other hand, have to survive the plane ride by myself with both girls....I won't even go there right now.

So that's where we've a simple life without the crutch of our computer. I'll have to say it's been nice. More family time for all of us and no blog stalking for me. I just hope to get the computer back soon so I can pay some bills....I forgot how to actually write a check and send it in using snail mail.

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