Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adults ONLY!

At least once a month Brett and I TRY and make a point to have a date night. I say try because it doesn't always happen every month (Skipped June) because life just gets busier then the norm. A few weeks ago Brett and I were able to sneak off for dinner and a movie (our typical escape night). We headed to Kings Fish House in Tempe for some drinks and dinner.

I think it's turned into our tradition that during our date nights we opt to pull up shop dining at the bar top....simply because we can! With no little kids to worry about and feed it's a nice change! I suggest other married couples seeking out date nights try it.

Last night we had another date night which included our friends.

We loaded up the car and headed to the Tempe Improv to check out Alonso Bodden.

He was on Last Comic Standing a few seasons ago and was hilarious. I really enjoyed the show, and more importantly enjoyed the company of other adults! Hillary was a real trooper and agreed to watch all 5 kids at our house so we didn't all have to find seperate sitters. I was glad to see that she hadn't pulled her hair out by the time we got home and she was still standing upright. (Did I mention that I just love love love her!)

We've found date nights at our home to be extremely essential. Don't get me wrong, I love our girls and LOVE being with them, but I also love my husband and enjoy uninterrupted conversations with him. I look forward to date nights....I get excited at the thought of being able to drive in the car with him not having to listen to the Disney movie choice of the week, having to sing nursery rhymes, or answer what's that to every inanimate object we drive by.

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