Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm No Fool....

I dont normally like to blog about things until they are set in stone or at least more finalized but I have to share that I've made the decision to go back to school!

YIKES! I'm looking at pursing my Masters degree in Nursing. This is a new development in our life...I never thought about it until very recently. My main incentive was the sweet discount I get by being the wifey of a University of Phoenix faculty member. When we did the numbers and saw what it'll actually cost I can't pass it up. (Secretly deep down, I want my Masters Diploma to hang on the wall to match Brett's! teehehe) I need to take advantage of it...even if I'm not planning on leaving bedside nursing and my current job doesn't require a Masters. As I'm doing more research and really diving into the process of applying and trying to meet different deadlines I'm realizing that this might very well SUCK...the time commitment for school and the work it's gonna take is no joke. I keep thinking how the hell am I gonna do this all while working full time, raising 2 kids, and trying to be the best wifey out there :)? I've already petitioned the help of a cleaning lady while I'm taking class....I'm not backing down on that! Blogging and sharing this normally goes against my blogging "rules" but I figure if I tell everyone then I won't chicken out and actually go through with this! As of now I'm still in the application process. If all goes well I hope to start in Jan and I'll be interviewing for cleaning ladies! So Billy Madison...I'll be back to school to prove that I'm no fool!

Where's my Snack Pak?!

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Nichole said...

Go head Mae! Take your butt butt back to school! I somehow managed to finish my master's degree while pregnant with Noelle, and even was out of state,...and took my last class for teacher certification in the last week of my pregnancy/ a hybrid course at I know you can do it! you have always been a superwoman to me!!! I know two baby girls wont stop your hustle!!!! love yall~