Saturday, August 21, 2010

parting ways....

After nearly a month long process we've finally been able to wean Brooklyn from her binkie! I've been trimming the pacifier down to nothing over the past few weeks and then for at least the last week she's had nothing to suck on

She did well. This morning I finally detached the remaining binkie off of the puppy, made a big deal about how "cool" the puppy looked now, and now she's napping...without a fuss.

We're very happy here especially since it's been a sore subject here that's she's put up a fight about. (next sore subject: potty training!)

We've finally parted ways with her binkie and I'm finding new ways to part her hair.

She's getting good at letting me play with her hair...just have to have plenty to entertain her with.

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Riecke's said...

Way to go Brooklyn! Now let's make an attempt to get the pink horse out of Ella's mouth! Well, maybe not! But when I do, I'm coming to you for help!