Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving Day

Red moved into Brooklyn's Room the other night.

Brett and I were apprehensive about Brooklyn sharing her room with Red. Worried about Red making it through the night without a curious 2 year disturbing his humble abode. I reminded Brooklyn time and time again to leave Red alone. Thankfully she listened and did exactly that. She even reminded me the next morning that I was to not touch him.

Brooklyn is very proud of her new roommate, She was trying to make him as comfy as possible so we thought it would be a good idea to put Ariel the Little Mermaid next to his tank, to remind him of his "other" home. (Disregard Alexis in the picture...she way more into the Dora House)

I am beyond THRILLED that we haven't needed to let him circle any drains.

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Ari Kelly said...

My favorite parts of these pix are Deuce and Alexis sneaking into the shots :) Good luck, Red!