Sunday, September 5, 2010

Which one of these is not like the other??

Ella Riecke playing with the girls Saturday evening.

Friday morning we had a playdate at our house (forgot to take pictures...too busy entertained by the kiddos and chatting with Becky and Anjee) and then on Saturday Bill and Brett had another playdate with all the kiddos while Anjee and I worked. This one involved watching some college football though and if you ask them I doubt they would ever use the words "play date" to describe their get together. I continue to celebrate my holiday weekend by going back to work tonight and then again tomorrow. Boring. Oh well....I hope the rest of you enjoy labor free! (I guess this is the price I pay for having only work 3 days a week and having the other 4 off to enjoy playdates!)

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Riecke's said...

Thanks for having us over and destroying your house 2 days in a row! LOve you all!