Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd Annual Riecke Halloween Festival

I don't think Anjee's intent is to make it an annual thing....but it sounds good! We'll just have to travel to Oregon to continue the tradition when they do decide to move (**tears!**)

Alexis and Brooklyn started the morning in their Halloween attire to look festive before busting out the actual costumes.

Will as batman....

and his faithful side kick Catwoman (Ella )

Tinkerbell (Sophie)

Costume Change....
Brooklyn as the Little Mermaid

What party isn't complete without 2 Little Mermaids (Amaya the White version and Brooklyn the Asian version)

And the Little Mermaids trusty sidekick Sebastion (Alexis) with Tinkerbell

Alright there were many other princesses, a safari hunters, a red hot chili pepper, a hamburger, all delivered by a UPS guy, but by the time they all started coming through the Crab got Crabby....

....soo the camera got put away.

We had fun! Always a great time with the girls' besties in hand (and mine!) What a great way to jump start the Halloween Weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Award Winning Act

Don't be fooled by this face...about 2 seconds later she was all laughs and smiles.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

9 Months

Alexis Hope

Good things come in itsy bitsy teeny packages....

Weight : 15lb 12oz
Height : 26 inches

Alexis is teetering on the bottom of her growth curve which we attribute to her increase in physical activity. Let's be honest....she wasn't exactly high on the growth curve to begin with! Alexis is Crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on nearly everything that she can, her favorite though is it to crawl up to our legs and try to make her way up. She loves to follow big sis around and what Brooklyn plays with Alexis wants also.

She's waving to us, but hasn't mastered the hand wave instead she waves with her WHOLE arm. When she wants to make clapping sounds she'll just slap her hand on the closest thing to her....even if it's someones body part.

She's up to 4 teeth now. Eats anything we give her. She's great with finger foods and Mommy's getting braver by the day on introducing more to her. It helps that she has more teeth now. I gave her a frozen mini bagel this morning to help her teeth and gnaw on and then a few mins later I turn around to see how's she's doing and she'd eaten half of it. (I would have blamed Deuce, but he was running around outside chasing the lizards)

Alexis sleeps great, greater when she's in the closet. (I haven't quite put the pack n play away yet, because mommy likes long naps!) It doesn't help that her room is in the front of the house and she hears cars go by...garbage day especially sucks) Alexis is on a good schedule and routine with naps meals and playtime. She's an incredibly calm easy going 9 month old. She's babbling and smiling and very social. Her smile just lights up the whole room. Brooklyn has even picked up on her incredible good looks and will randomly go up to her, put her arm around her and say "Hey Pretty Girl!" I can't get over that she's our baby!

*****We had some family pictures done the other day and above is just a sample of the incredible work Shauna was able to do. So talented. If you click on her link to look at the photos you have to go under blog archive and check out "Seriously Sweet" to see the sneak peeks of the pictures. Try not to remember the pictures, some of you will most likely see them again in holiday cards in a few months! I wasn't going to share them yet, but couldn't resist since she did such an awesome job and wanted to give her credit. I hope the rest of the pictures Shauna took turn out as great as the sneak peek!!! I wouldn't mind having a diffcult time choosing which pictures to put on holiday cards!******

Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Bonding

This month has been filled with family bonding for the girls. (scroll down for more blogs regarding the past few weeks events at our house posted today...I had alot of catching up to do!) The best part about this past month was seeing the girls interact and spend time with our family who were sooooo kind and wonderful to travel out here to help us out. Brooklyn was very excited to see "Michaelmarcus" and it took her a little bit to realize that they were 2 people. Michael AND Marcus. Monkey see monkey can tell that she's really gonna look up to her older cousins. From eating, to trying to play video games, running around the house, the backyard, playing bubbles, wrestling on their younger siblings (Alexis wasn't a fan of this) pottying like a big girl, to calling Rhonda "Mom" and Jamey "Honey".... Brooklyn did it all!

Part of bonding for my kiddos is to have them coordinate their wardrobe. I've never been "allowed" to have them completely match per my hubbie so I have to settle for similar colors..... (there was probably no way that I could have gotten "Michaelmarcus" into magenta otherwise you'd see them in the pictures also!)


Fall is hands down my favorite time of year.....just not as much here as in Chicago. I try to bring the real fall here to Arizona with decorations and all, but 90 degree weather and the AC still plugging away just kinda takes the effect away. This past week finally cooled off (80s) and we are finally able to open up the windows shut the AC off and blow out the stuffy summer stink from the house! I am also very happy to have my very own pumpkin patch in our back yard. We picked up a few from Schnepfs Farm and carved them the other night.

Schnepfs Farm.

I am gonna be lacking some good pictures for this post since my batteries on my camara died 5 minutes into our visit there. So we'll have to wait for Rhonda to send me copies of her pictures she got there.

I love going to Schnepfs farm for the fall festivities. We went to their amusement park with their mini roller coaster that Brooklyn and the boys rode multiple times. Took the "spooky" train ride through the property. Rode the pedal cars where Rhonda and I did the work and pushed the kids through the trees. Played at the petting zoo where Brooklyn got to see all her favorite animals up close and personal. Rode the carousel and pony rides, had a good meal, made our way back to the amusement park for more rides, and then picked out some pumpkins to carve later! All in all a good time and better yet Schnepfs farms is pretty much in our backyard. BONUS! Rhonda and I realized that "dragging" our hubbies to the Farm would be more of a hassle so they stayed behind to watch Alexis. She's too young to remember anyhow and I didn't want to have to push a stoller through the farm.


We finally busted out the fire pit we've had since our housewarming 5 years ago and put it to good use this week. We had campfires and Smores all around!!!!!! We wanted to sing....but forgot the lyrics :)

Gotta love the Princess Crown huh? Might be a sign that our girl won't be the camping type.

Third Wave

Last Saturday our 3rd wave of family came and took over Pepaw Pike's nannying duties. Jamey Rhonda Michael Marcus, and Baby Stephenson (Due April 2010!!!!!) drove down from N. Dakota. (Can I just tell you how lucky we are to have such incredible and wonderful family!!) They were here to spend time with the girls while I finished my last week of "orientation" at the new hospital. There was one night of overlap where the WHOLE family got to be together. It doesn't happen often so we like to take pictures!

Pepaw Pike survived and so did the girls during his week with them. Alexis was very attached to him and by his last night here when everyone else arrived, Alexis would cry if he left the room and would crawl to find him.

It was a fun filled week for them as you can see from the previous blogs and that was just the fun they had while I wasn't at work and at home to capture the pictures. I'm home for the majority of the week this week, just have to go in one day and Hillary comes to care for the girls.....WAHOO! We've missed her soo much~ I'm gonna enjoy this week with the girls before I return back to nights. I am scheduled to work Nov 1st on the hospitals opening night. I can't wait to get back to the bedside and actually take care of patients. M-F work week just isn't for me!

And we have.....


2 weeks ago Alexis' bottom teeth FINALLY popped through and the top ones are making there way through right now.

I can finally feel okay about feeding her itty bitty solid food....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hope for a CURE

On Sunday morning we headed to Downtown Phoenix for the Annual (And Our Family Annual Tradition) Race for the Cure walk. Obviously a cause very near and dear to us and we make the point to go every year. Brett and I have been doing this since before the girls came into our lives. Since Brooklyn though I've been better at taking pictures at the Walk. Fun to look back at the age progression....
This is Brooklyn's First year....

Brooklyn's 2nd year.....

Brooklyn's 3rd year!....

Hear is Alexis' first year (still in the womb, but it counts right?!)

And here's her first Technical year.

We hope to NEVER miss a year....So incredible to see so many people joined together to fight the same cause.

Busy BEE!

I don't know how anyone works 5 days a week! LOL I am exhausted!!!! I'm pretty sure I'd rather work 3 NIGHTS a week then 5 days. Despite feeling way tired, we're still charging ahead here. October is zooming by and we're onto our 2nd wave of family in town to watch the Girls. Pepaw Pike is in town to man the house while Brett and I are off at work. Still haven't had time to take any pictures, but will! In the meantime I'll share the pictures from last week when Memaw was still in town....

Memaw brought the girls some halloween tutus....

We threw them on the girls to see how they'd fit and they loved wearing them!!! (yes I know they don't really match the outfits they got going on...but you get the point!)

Memaw and Alexis at dinner

Memaw and her "Princess"

Memaw with Both Girls.

Deuce obviously still fighting for attention...and winning....